Process studies and Assignment 1 & 2

Assignment 1 



For this assignment, originally I thought I could just fake a space by just inserting random shape. But through sketching and exploring I realised there still need to be a certain pattern to follow to make the composition make sense (like keeping the shadow in similar direction). The final drawings turns out to be quite flat and boring because I have too little vary in shapes and tones, they are all very similar in size. There’s also not enough depth because there’s too much drawing and too little painting?


Assignment 2






I see a lot of my weakness arising from this assignment. Like the lack of the ability to draw top down and down up perspective. However, I learnt a lot through copying the master’s illustration. Like assignment 1, most of the shapes are too similar in shape and sizes, need to vary more to give depth, currently everything looks very flat. The biggest challenge of this assignment is understanding the space itself, half way doing the assignment, I was actually really confused about what perspective should the character be drawn in so that it would fit in the space.

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