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  Ego I see this project as a way to express myself, so I picked the medium I am most familiar with, digital painting. The overall tone of this project is warm and bright. Me Me, I see myself as a very boring person. However, through meeting many people and friends, they add colours to my life and made my… Read more →


The old women who lived in a shoe The components used in this compositions are cat profile, ring, candy cane and shoe. The cat is used to represent the old women as women are often referred to as cats. The focus is on the cat’s eye which attract the audience’s attention. The ring is being used as a halo to… Read more →


4 x A3 Black board with 18 emotion strips each measuring 257mm by 60mm     Anxious (Black pen on drawing paper) Anxious feels like a feeling of worry and nervous. The feeling of not being able to calm down, and thus short lines are used to form circles of various sizes to show the feeling of unease and uncomfortable… Read more →

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