Do-it-wherever Exam :D

Q1. Julie and Mike are into sadomasochistic sexting. Which among these emojis is most likely their ‘safe emoji’? Why?   The pickle or cucumber looking emoji would most likely be Julie and Mike’s ‘safe emoji’ for sadomasochistic (SM) sexting.   With reference to Kulick and Cameron’s ‘Language and Sexuality’, in the SM scenes, participants must decide on a ‘safe word’… Read more →

Movie Review: Do I Sound Gay?

The “sound-ly” relationship between Speech, Voice and Mannerism           ‘Do I Sound Gay?’ is produced and directed by David Thorpe (ThinkThorpe LLC, 2014). The 77-minute film takes on a first-person framework with the self-documentary of Thorpe. To summarise, Thorpe shares that he is over 40 years old and has broken up with his long-time boyfriend. He loses… Read more →

What is Bromance?

What is bromance? Looking at the definition from Urban Dictionary, it simply describes bromance as the complicated love and affection shared by two straight males. However, my personal definition of bromance means a loving relationship or bond shared between at least two individuals who call each other “brother” or in short “bro”. To further explain my understanding, let us look at… Read more →

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