2D II | Que Sera: Process

I started working on my sketches for the final four selected jobs.

Hair stylist

An important question I have to ask myself is – “what are the elements related to a hair stylist?”

The first thing that came up in my mind was scissors and more scissors.. comb maybe?


I love how simple the way it expresses the “cut” action. It’s like with just one look, you are able to understand what the designer is trying to convey.

I’m interested in using scissors to form part of my initials. Hence I decided to play with it with my own illustration.

Tried to incorporate the colors of a barber’s sign pole into the background, it turned out weird. Too much popping colors in one composition.

Therefore, I switched things up a little. Why does it look like a flag. (lol)

Shirley suggested that I should push the background behind by changing into narrow lines instead. Besides, the fallen hair seems unnecessary but distractions.

Finally, I went with this.

Private Detective

Next up, we have detective!

I have always wanted to be one though! I really think it’s such a cool position to be in, working as undercover. 

The common visual cues that I found in the net are pistols, handcuffs, binoculars, detective coat, hat, magnifying glass..

Not a fan of the crime scene version, I decided to use binoculars as my main subject. Since there is a kind of mystery involved in this job, so why not hiding behind the lens?

The first initial “R” was not obvious enough as the white area of the human has distracted the focal point of interest, which results in having the “R” seems broken and unrelated. After much consideration, I decided to play with the idea of using objects to form letters.

The end result definitely looks neater than the previous! Also, I filled up the background to minimize unnecessary distractions.


And then what was supposed to be cafe-related jobs has turned out to be a painter…

I got this idea from the images below:









This is the outcome. Using my own photographs taken recently to form the background of a run-down place.


Finally, we have the barista!

I  was truly excited to work on this in particular because of how much visual cues that are related to it. I decided to use the cafe setting and equipments to form my letters.


However, I was told that there are too many supporting imagery that give away the message and the fonts are not easy to read, each of the letter is “forced”. I can’t deny it after looking at it for long.

Thus, I decided to do paper cut instead, with some watercolor.

I feel that “ROCH” is a tad too long to be included in the coffee steam, hence I switched to “SX” instead.