2D || Eighteen Emotions

Below are a list of emotions that I have chosen, including its definition and my take on what all of them means to me.

  • Attraction
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Definition – A primal magnetism.

What comes to my mind when I look at the term “attraction” are parallel lines and the intersections. In reality, we all have the same beginning points and ending points; just like the parallel lines, living our own stories and it’s in the middle where we meet up and branch off that life is shared.

  • Infatuation
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Definition – A short-lived passion or admiration for someone.

Infatuation is a feeling which almost similar as obsession. You tend to see only perfection in them and you place the other person so high above your ownselves. It’s like you are experiencing “brain fog”, but soon everything reveals. The key word “short-lived” meaning something that doesn’t last. A quick answer would be ice.

  • Longing
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Definition – A yearning desire.

Longing is a persistent desire for something unattainable. It can be something we never had or we lost it. It creates vulnerability and the whole process is dreadful.

  • Happiness
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Definition – The state of being happy.

I don’t think there is a definite answer to what happiness means. Happiness can relate to a range of positive emotions. Generally, it is a state of good feeling in the soul, things that make your cells dance. It can be a fleeting moment as well.

  • Relief
'Le Tre Grazies (Three Graces Carved marble Bas relief)' by Eppe de Haan
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Definition – The easing of a pain, distress or anxiety.

It is a feeling of optimism that follows the removal of any discomforts in your life. Possibly something that has been bothering you for awhile. All the tenseness has gone with the wind!

  • Eagerness
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Definition – Enthusiasm to do or have something.

An alter ego of longing; an impatient one. Eagerness is having a purpose in mind and excited to reach it. Overpowering feeling to break through.

  • Astonishment
Source: spyderonlines

Definition – A great surprise.

When you are dazzled or overwhelmed by something extraordinary. It comes off completely a surprise that it becomes unbelievable. Thunder and lightning are all I can think of at this moment..

  • Awestruck
Source: tedxamsterdam

Definition – Filled with feelings of wonder, respect.

Everything around you becomes silenced and all your senses are heightened, that’s how awestricken should be I guess? A feeling of profound amazement. Like WOW.

  • Speechless
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Definition – Temporarily deprived of speech by strong emotion.

When you are completely surprised which results in the inability to speak because you have lost your train of thoughts by this sudden encounter.

  • Grumpiness
Morris Plate 4 1976
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Definition – Being in a slightly angry mood because you are annoyed at something or are feeling tired.

Grumpiness seems to be the easiest emotion to work with. I guess it is a common feeling for everyone. Irritated, annoyed, reluctant to do something, lack of motivation, etc. Everything just doesn’t seem right when you are grumpy.

  • Rage
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Definition – Violent, uncontrollable anger.

The image in my head are waves and more waves like it’s consuming me. Very explosive kind of feeling. Just like the waves, you can’t control it and you can’t expect its arrival.

  • Torment
Source: fineartamerica

Definition – A state of great suffering.

There are many layers of meaning behind torment. As it is something that we suffered internally, mental anguish? Unlike the other two above which we can find a way to express somehow. For instance, throw a fit. It’s interesting to depict a trapped feeling with lines.

  • Depression
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Definition – A mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest.

Depression can be very destructive as it impacts your thoughts and feeling. It makes you feel less than yourself. There is always a void inside; an unending emptiness. Just like a black hole. You feel a lot of nothingness.

  • Melancholy
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Definition – A feeling of pensive sadness, typically with no obvious cause.

My favorite kind of sadness I would say. Being wrapped up in sorrowful thoughts, making up something just to feel the gloominess. It’s your own imaginary world, no one’s going to care if you drown in your own flood of tears.

  • Isolation
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Definition – The state of being in a place or situation that is separate from others.

Belong to no one. Being excluded from everything. It is rather pathetic if you are being shunned. On a positive note, you are probably going to stand out for being different!

  • Anxiety
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Definition – Unease about something with an uncertain outcome.

Anxiety is the cousin of depression. It makes you overthink about everything and anything. Eventually it stops you from doing a lot of things as you are constantly worrying about what might happen. Anxiety is when you feel too much and it is dreadful.

  •  Worry
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Definition – Concerned about something.

A whirlwind of thoughts in your head, which you can’t seem to escape from. A troubled state of mind as if all the devils are haunting you every second.

  • Panic 
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Definition – A sudden, overpowering feeling of fear.

This feeling spreads quickly within you, similar to how a drop of ink dissolves in water. It makes you lose control which leads to irrational behavior. I’m trying to picture “panic” in my head… Running in circles!!!


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