Final Project Documentation

Given this open brief, I decided that I shall take this opportunity to create content for social media. As I was choosing which brand to work with and also keeping in mind that i’m not going to spend a ton just to buy their products.. I realize that I am already subscribing to fashion rental service by Style Theory. As Style Theory has yet to be a global brand I thought it would be nice to create an advertisement for them!

In this advertisement, I wanted to highlight the 3 attractive points that the brand provides, for instance – wardrobe freedom, fast delivery and free laundry. I think that for an advertisement, title is very important as well as the opening. Hence I use the term “Smart Wardrobe” to serve as sort of a “click bait”. The conversations at the beginning left the viewers wondering what is next – how did the girl solve her problem, did she manage to get the dress etc..and then followed by the scene which most of us can relate to – a wardrobe full of clothes yet the girl has nothing to wear. After that, I proceed to cover the 3 points mentioned with the doorstep delivery, split screens and the cafe incident. With a balance between entertaining and promotional, I hope that it will help to create brand awareness for viewers who want to explore different styles without much commitment.

Author: Rochele Lim


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