4D II | Open House! Waterloo & Esplanade

Name of Artist: Chen Wei

Title of Artwork: In the Waves

Medium: Inkjet Print

This photograph attracts me the most due to its cinematic vibe, emphasising on lights and dark cool tones. When I first looked at the print, it expresses a sense of loneliness such that a person can be so invisible even in a large group of people or even while everyone is having fun. This print gives the viewer a hint of the setting which I guess it is a party or concert.

The artist is inspired by the contemporary modes of leisure consumption in China such as bars, clubs and concert halls. Thus, this staged photograph of a dance floor is created using installations and detailed sets. The work description shifts my initial understanding of this print. I was enlightened that a dance floor (subject matter) has so many layers of meaning as depicted in one photo. The artist is trying to convey that it is a place where people can feel connected as well as being isolated. Through this piece of work, the artist explores an individual role in the China society where social change is happening in an unprecedented scale.

The artist’s choice of using still photograph instead of film provides viewer the freedom to imagine the meaning behind, avoided the clear-cut storyline and bringing in a certain level of depth. As this piece of artwork focuses on the issue in another country which there might be people who are not aware of it, the artist’s statement has made his intention clear, hence it helps to stimulate dialog – an opportunity for viewer’s participation.

Name of Artist: Tan Luo Yi

Title of Artwork: My Account of Being Nowhere (Try Again, Again.)

Medium: Fishing Nets, White glue, Found materials

My first impression of this installation is abandonment. The run-down of the area reminds me of those unoccupied houses located away from the city. As we visited the place during the day, the atmosphere was not creepy. However, it might be a totally different experience if we were to visit at different time of the day.

The artist is inspired by her own experience with homelessness and being the “urban nomad”. The artist’s choice of media helps to portray the physical discomfort of a vagrant where there is no settled home and having to stay in a tiny space.  The artist conveys the idea of home in her mind with this installation by binding fishing nets using glue – symbolizes everything is temporary and broken.

The work description relates to my initial impression of the work. Most importantly, it brings a new perspective on the homelessness epidemic which we are not familiar with or which we pay little attention to. The work helps to bring awareness to the plight of homeless people and allows us to reflect on the circumstances behind it.

Author: Rochele Lim


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