4D II | Evocative Object Process

Group members: Rochele, Xuan Fei, Kou Ying

We had our ideas presentation the other day which three of us get to propose three different ideas. My initial idea of playing with mirrors/reflective glass was not good enough. People may not be able to relate to the stories of other people and the purpose of this project is to involve the viewers into the world of the object, by using sound.

We decided to scrape our ideas altogether and went to explore around. After a good ol’ 30 minutes, we settled on the idea of “talking bins”. 

We thought of using sound effects such as scream, shout, cries to express how a trash feels when it is being thrown into the bin. This helps to raise environmental awareness. For instance, people will be more aware of how they handle waste or even cut down on the amount of waste they throw away. Michael told us that we should make the sound message clearer in order to communicate our main message to the public. Therefore, we plan to incorporate messages like “Thank you”, “Well done” for people who disposed the trash into the right bins, while messages like “Oh No!”, “What are you doing???” for every wrong trash being placed into the bin, together with the sound effects.

The final idea for this project is to use proximity sensors to detect objects that are being thrown into the bins. In order to do this, the bins will be remodelled. For instance, the opening of the bin will have a slope so that the rubbish will fall towards a certain direction and hit on the metal plate in the bin. The metal plate is made of alloy materials, with spring coils underneath for the convenience of heavier objects. The rubbish will slide across the plate so that it can be detected by the sensors on the opposite side.

Illustration of the remodelled bin

A brief description of the technical part:

The components involved are Raspberry PI, Arduino Uno, Inductive Proximity Sensor (IPS) and Capacitive Proximity Sensor (CPS). By interfacing Raspberry PI with Arduino Uno, analog values from the sensors can be read. There is a range of value given to each type of object –


PAPER (VALUE RANGES FROM IPS;80-100, CPS;100-120) IPS = 90 CPS = 110
PLASTIC (VALUE RANGES FROM IPS;0-50, CPS;150-200) IPS = 10 CPS = 200
Simple illustration of the circuit

Each type of object has its own pin (D1,D2,D3, etc) on Arduino Uno so that signals will be transmitted to Raspberry PI from each respective pin. When high signal is detected, specific audio file will be played.


^ when a can is being thrown into the correct recycle bin

^when a can is being thrown into the normal bin

2D || Silk Screen Printing I

The silk screen process was pretty interesting, yet stressful as we were worried about how the screen would turn out.


We started off by coating the screen with two layers of photo sensitive emulsion and let it dry in the oven. This was done in the dark room. We were asked to return 20 minutes later.

Next, we had our images printed in black on transparencies. We taped down the textured side of the transparency onto the screen and placed it in the exposure unit for 18 seconds to expose the emulsion.


After the emulsion has been exposed, it was time to wash it out. The transparency was removed and we brought the screen to another area for rinsing. Using water jet hose, we washed away the emulsion covering the image.


We also scrubbed/rinsed out any excess emulsion afterwards and the screen was once placed in the oven again to dry.


10 minutes later, we went back to collect our screen! It was a huge relief that it turned out pretty well, even though some of the fine lines were not showing up but overall it looked alright!


4D || The Day I Disappeared



Final 2i
The solitude which I enjoyed the most. Maybe no one will ever know if I disappeared.
Final 4
How invisible you can be, even when you are surrounded with hundreds of people?
Final 7
Always yearning for something you can’t find. The hollowness within you.
Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset
What you might be looking for could be much different from what is directly in front of you.
Final 10
I don’t find myself in that story so I left.
Final 11i
Unsure of my footing and where I want to be.
Final 3
Life is beautiful and it passes in an instant.
It’s alright to set our sights on something we can’t see and that’s the beauty of the hunt.
Final 8
Central Business District -Once a banking student, this place used to be my hope and everything. But all the beautiful moments seemed to slip beyond one’s grasp when you don’t appreciate it enough.
Final 5i
I was once a part of this industry, but now they are just my reflections.