2D || Project 3 Ego

In this Project, I have decided on using watercolor painting. Below are my final compositions.

Equation 1scene-1

Me as an introvert, who prefers being alone in my quiet space. Cool tones are chosen to represent relaxation, harmony.


Crowded areas. I have chosen warm and rustic tones for this composition to symbolize the energy in the party. Still, keeping in mind the cool tones that I’m going for, I selected wintery reds instead of bright shades of red, and paired them with violet-tinged grays. Overall, it looks like a holiday palette!

As introverts often find parties emotionally draining, hence I portray myself staying away from the crowd. And what better way to portray the territorial trait of an introvert? I used a lifeguard chair to show that introverts dislike sharing space with others and also they tend to immerse in their own world, concentrating on doing one stuff. Complementary colors – green and red are used.

Equation 2scene-2

Me and my zen attitude. Using neutral colors such as shades of gray and tan, pairing with blue to achieve the calming, comfortable look. The conservative grayish tones contrast nicely with the cooler greens.



When there is too much workload.  Why unwashed dishes? I was trying to link what I have in my above composition – cup, and there you go! In order to create a flow, I used a combination of greens and blues in this one. As both the bluish and greenish shades of my selection have gray undertones, which makes them look more neutral. Thus, it is easy to pair with more daring tones such as lime green and mustard.

Me being unaffected by what’s happening; remains calm when the place is flooded. Ha! I tweaked the colors slightly, but still maintaining the muted color scheme. Overall, it gives off a vintage vibe and a minimalistic look.

Equation 3scene-3


Me in my natural habitat aka city gal.  To portray the cosmopolitan look, I went with smoky purple, classic black, gray and blue with an orange accent to avoid getting too stuffy.


The setting is a forest, which shows a stark contrast to the skyscrapers in order to represent an unfamiliar environment. No doubt I have selected warm naturals, earthy colors for the composition.

Me sitting in the woods, which is also being the center of attention with all the eyes on me. When I’m in an unfamiliar environment, the anxiety issue arises and I suffer the fear of being judged by the people around me.  Using the green tones like before, but added more gray to portray the eerie vibe.

Equation 4scene-4

Me as a people-pleaser, loves to keep a range of masks to suit different situations. Monochrome is used to symbolize a kind of routine.

The setting is a workplace. Blue and gray tones are used to represent the hostile working environment. Since the subject matter in this equation is about office bullies, a dissected human brain is drawn.

The outcome is having paper planes flying into the mouth of the mask. As a people-pleaser, one tends to avoid conflicts and hate to upset people. Hence, there is a fear to reject people or say the N word. This results in being pushed around and agreed to things I don’t want to do just to accommodate others. In this composition, analogous colors (yellow-green) is used. The forest green creates a focal interest, directing the viewers’ eyes to the main point of this composition.


The main difficulty in this Project is to come up with four scenarios. I find it rather tough to work on something when there is too much freedom. Because every idea is possible!! After rounds and rounds of brainstorming, I left with so many ideas that I don’t know where to begin with.  Eventually I keep everything in its simplest form.

Since I used watercolor as my medium, everything has to be done manually where there is no undo button or replace colors. And it definitely took up a lot of time from sketching, inking with pen to painting. Choosing colors are stressful too as I had to redo everything if the colors turned out not what I have expected. Although it took a long time to complete each composition, I still think that it was quite a therapeutic experience to paint in the midst of all project submissions. I also tried painting freestyle (no sketch or ink before paint), which is something I will not usually do because I always worry that what if the whole thing becomes out of proportion and I have to start all over again. So YAY to new exploration!

From this Project, I have also gained a better understanding on choosing colors and how various color combinations can set a mood or even influence emotions and perceptions!

More to learn in the future and I look forward to explore other mediums.

Till then x

2D || Ego Sketches

Project 3 gives us the opportunity to explore ourselves and the freedom to express it in any medium. However, we are emphasizing on the colors more, which is something new in this semester!

Since there is no specific subject to work with, I figured it would be better to list down some of my personality traits.


I drew inspirations from both horoscope and Carl Jung’s personality type theory. And from there, I came up with a few sketches for consultation.


During consultation, I realized that all my equation was wrong as I didn’t link “me” with the “setting”. Every box was in fact an independent entity. I swear the whole consultation process was filled with awkward silences and on-the-spot brainstorming. Although suggestions were given, I felt that my scenarios were a little too hard to understand and definitely not something I would prefer as it gets a little messy. I guess it would be better to make them simpler.

I filtered my initial ideas, keeping in mind that I shall not go into too much details for the narrative.

And, my final scenarios are:

  • Me (Introvert) + Crowded place = In need of personal space
  • Me (Zen attitude) + Too much workload = Remains calm
  • Me (In my natural habitat) + New environment = Being judged
  • Me (People-pleaser) + In workplace = Being pushed around