2D || Silk Screen Printing II

It’s tote bag printing week!!!

We began the session with demonstration by JiaHui. Firstly, we had to place four coins on each corner of the screen and tape them all up! The same goes to the inside of the screen, but minus the coins. It was an important step to prevent the ink from seeping through the screen, where there was no emulsion. We were told that the coins will help to achieve an “off contact”,  preventing the screen from laying flat on the tote bag.

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Next, we put a desired amount of ink on the top of the screen and spread it across using a wooden squeegee. Also, it is essential to place the ink so that it could cover the width of the image.

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Before printing on the actual tote bag, we tried on newsprints to check for any discrepancies as well as the amount of force needed.


Since the ink would clog up after printing, the whole session was a series of


At the end of the session, it was time to dissolve the photo emulsion from the screen. Prior to that, we washed off any excess ink. Using a paint brush, we coated both sides of the screen with remover. Then we allowed some time for the remover to soak in before rinsing it with water.





FINALLY the screen is completely clean for new designs!

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Final product:


Kinda disappointed as the quotes didn’t come out completely, but overall it was a great experience!

P.S the drawstring bags turned out pretty well.  (Is that some kind of Murphy’s Law?? You always screwed up the most important thing aka the TOTE BAG)



Thanks Alicia for all the help! And all the laughter during our screwed-up moments LOL


2D || Silk Screen Printing I

The silk screen process was pretty interesting, yet stressful as we were worried about how the screen would turn out.


We started off by coating the screen with two layers of photo sensitive emulsion and let it dry in the oven. This was done in the dark room. We were asked to return 20 minutes later.

Next, we had our images printed in black on transparencies. We taped down the textured side of the transparency onto the screen and placed it in the exposure unit for 18 seconds to expose the emulsion.


After the emulsion has been exposed, it was time to wash it out. The transparency was removed and we brought the screen to another area for rinsing. Using water jet hose, we washed away the emulsion covering the image.


We also scrubbed/rinsed out any excess emulsion afterwards and the screen was once placed in the oven again to dry.


10 minutes later, we went back to collect our screen! It was a huge relief that it turned out pretty well, even though some of the fine lines were not showing up but overall it looked alright!


2D || Movie Quotes

Quotes chosen for Project Two:

“You deserve someone who loves you with every single beat of his heart.” — Love, Rosie (2014)
‘The music is all around us, all you have to do is listen.” — August Rush (2007)
Hannah Alligood Best Movies and TV Shows
“Maybe all the strings inside him broke.” — Paper Towns (2015)
“Everything’s uglier up close.” — Paper Towns (2015)