In the STYLE of Eadweard Muybridge || Mid-Term


I was intrigued by the question “Do all four legs of the horse leave the ground when the horse moves quickly?”, which is also the reason why Muybridge was then imprinted in my mind. It’s mind-blowing to realize that such an uncomplicated question could directly or indirectly impacted the art scene or even the role of human perception.

I particularly love how there’s a deeper meaning behind Muybridge’s panorama series. It wasn’t just a snap-and-go kind of thing. The vantage point (California Street Hill) was carefully selected. It was an ideological point of view, providing a commanding vista over the burgeoning metropolis, the distant hills and suburbs, and the busy port bristling with the masts of sailing ships. The panoptic view of the city offered a voyeuristic experience of life at the crest of California Street Hill for the common people, but at the same time, a reaffirmation of the wealthy’s’ domination.

Below is the Panorama of San Francisco from California Street Hill:

I chose to work on the rendition of Eadweard Muybridge’s panoramic vision because that’s the one I feel most connected with in my daily pursuit when it comes to photography work – cityscapes. Obviously I couldn’t get hold of mammoth plates or 40-inch telephoto lens like how Muybridge composed his series of panoramas, hence, I captured the view in parts and stitched them up altogether in Photoshop!

Had some minor issues with colour difference and also parts that just won’t connect properly but the results look pretty alright! Not to forget the fact that they are NOT taken via the iPhone panorama feature!!!

Five panels
Six panels

Five panels
Six panels

With the help of Photoshop, I managed to give them a vintage look^



Besides, I have also tried the Sky Shade, which Muybridge filed a patent after realising the medium’s limitation in capturing the perfect exposure. He exposed his film separately for the sky and the subject below in order to gain the definition between land and sky.

Muybridge’s Sky Shade:

Below are the two shots I took. The sky looks less defined (left) but the greenery has more details in it. On the other hand, the clouds are clearer in the darker photo (right) 

Masking tool helps to create a more refined image which captures all the details for both the sky and land!

Final result:


4D || The Day I Disappeared



Final 2i
The solitude which I enjoyed the most. Maybe no one will ever know if I disappeared.
Final 4
How invisible you can be, even when you are surrounded with hundreds of people?
Final 7
Always yearning for something you can’t find. The hollowness within you.
Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset
What you might be looking for could be much different from what is directly in front of you.
Final 10
I don’t find myself in that story so I left.
Final 11i
Unsure of my footing and where I want to be.
Final 3
Life is beautiful and it passes in an instant.
It’s alright to set our sights on something we can’t see and that’s the beauty of the hunt.
Final 8
Central Business District -Once a banking student, this place used to be my hope and everything. But all the beautiful moments seemed to slip beyond one’s grasp when you don’t appreciate it enough.
Final 5i
I was once a part of this industry, but now they are just my reflections.