Project 1 “Que Sera” – Research

Typography, our first project of the semester! We have to create typographic projects using part of our names to describe our future jobs and we are free to explore different techniques and materials. Conceptually driven solutions and letter forms are combined with literal or abstract images to express our future jobs.

Name: “Cass”, “Cassy” or “Xin Yi”

Possible Jobs:  Designer, marine biologist, architect, journalist, tattoo artist


Artist research- HandmadeFont

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I found this design company known as handmadefont. They specialise in developing unique, untraditional fonts and they take inspiration from almost anything. I love their idea of using the unconventional and literal sense of the word to incorporate it into their typography which is something i might want to look further into.

Alex Trochut

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Alex Trochut is known for his experimental style with a philosophy of ‘more is more,’ his array of work is a perfect example of embracing the endless spectrum of font formats.

Nina Gregier

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She is known for combining typography with craft and one such example above would be embroidery on paper using different shapes and forms. My friends would know how much i love the use of geometric shapes and forms which is something i might want to use later on.

Other inspiration- Kate Jackling

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I absolutely love love the play of shadows and colors from this series by kate jackling. Using acrylic pieces and creating that water reflective effect and incorporating the use of light and shadow. I was thinking of using this technique into my typography since one of my jobs is water related.

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installation by Inès Esna
installation by Inès Esna


Work by Sophia Collier
Work by Sophia Collier

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I started looking up acrylic installations and came across some interesting pieces, Love the colors, shadow and light play. However possible challenges imposed would be cutting the acrylic pieces into their desired shapes without it looking too crude and messy but im really excited to try them out!

Overall after researching, I think I’m leaning more towards the use of 2D-3D-2D like installation typographic which is an area I am more inclined towards at the moment but we’ll see!

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  1. Good research, Cassandra! With translucent medium such as acrylic, you can also research into time-based documentation of typography and interactive installation works done by other artists/designers. Look into “Environmental Typography” and see if the use of acrylic (where natural/man-made light and shadow) is able to inspire you for the project. 🙂


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