Project 2 (II): Final Zine

Printing Process

I struggled quite a bit with the printing process as my layouts all either came out bigger than A5 or smaller than A5 and I had to visit the printing shop 3 times before getting the right size. I also tried experimenting on different coloured paper, white vs cream but went with the cream instead as I felt that it fits the feel of the zine better. 

Sadly, the third time I went back and finally got the right size, I went to a different shop and my pink turned out more purple instead. 🙁

Takeaway and Improvements

Finally, after final presentation and critique, some feedback that I got was that my contents page didn’t really fit into the entire zine and that I had to look out for hypenations in my paragraph which I overlooked. Also that my paper type didn’t fit the required 100-120gsm that was a mistake on my part as I thought I could get away with it when the temptation for thicker paper got the better of me. I agreed that the execution of my contents page could have been better and maybe went with the tile/ traditional theme instead. Also, after looking through it once more, I felt that improvements could have been made like including a tile pattern at the corner of every page of example to tie the whole zine together better.

Overall, I think this project was definitely a really fulfilling one and I had a lot of fun coming up with the concepts and designing my first ever zine?!! Great end to F2DII to conclude my entire semester 😀 Thanks Joy for all your guidance throughout the semester and to the class for the good times and support!

Neighbourhood exploration research –

Infographic –

Zine Process



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