Project 3: EGO Research

The last project of the sem! For this project, we had to come up with a set of ourselves in 4 different settings and their outcome.

MOODBOARD ( 80s Illustration)




  • bold graphic, prints and loud neon colors
  • geometric shapes and motifs
  • “80s scientific aesthetics”
  • “neon-noir”


I chose to use the color scheme of 80s illustrations as I love the use of bold colors and graphics and I wanted to incorporate these elements into my designs.


Acrylic Portrait Paintings by Martine JohannaStriking Colorful Illustrations by Victor Moatti – Fubiz MediaIf Street Surfing had a soundtrack, what bands would be on it? 3. Tame ImpalaDesign à emporter
Artist Reference
Yoko Honda 
She uses a lot of vibrant neon colours& swirly, zig-zagged & geometric designs. Her beautiful combinations of colors invokes the vibes of the 80s.

This is like 4th through 7th grade vomited all over the place. /// Yoko Honda:  BACK TO SCHOOL - Yoko Honda:  
yoko-honda-3Yoko Honda · Illustration . 80's inspired artwork: Using Adobe Capture, I took some of her designs and created a few possible color palettes.






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