Research Snippet – Autobiographical Comics

Refaie, E. E. (2012). Autobiographical Comics: Life Writing in Pictures. University of Mississippi.

A collection of quotes and ideas that make it easier for me to quote em for the report.

“For [autobiographical authors](original term: these artists), the act of writing/drawing explicitly or implicitly constitutes as a form of therapy.They also often express a desire to provide help and comfort to readers who might be in a similar situation.” (pg. 43)

“A large number of autobiographical comics deal with physical illness or disability, another area in social life where powerful social discourses of “normality” and “abnormality” exist” (pg 84)

“Featherstone (1991) believes that western consumer culture has deliberately fostered an particular attitude towards the body that encourages individuals to monitor themselves constantly for bodily imperfections and to adopt responsibility for combatting any form of disease, deterioration or decay. ” (pg 84)

“life writing is like ordinary, everyday memory in that it involves similar processes of joining together voluntary and involuntary memories and fictional elements in order to form a more or less coherent narrative. Unlike more private acts of remembering however, autobiography is also a deliberate and self-conscious act of communication. … the resulting accounts of a person’s life are then actively recreated and sometimes challenged and contested in the minds of individual readers”(pg 100)