4D Assignment 3

The Mastermind_lowerres

Romance, Crime

Based on folklore
Three Little Pigs


“You have to come to the party tonight, girl! I have some friends you may be interested to know…THE 3 BROTHERS FROM THE GEM EMPIRE!” said Pam.

Candice then went ahead and looked up on the brothers’ profiles online – their background, articles related to them and their fortune. She realizes that they could be easy targets as they are either materialistic or spoilt, only one is down-to-earth and seems likely to own all the assets. Moreover, studying psychology in university allowed her to acquire the skills of hypnotism, which may help her execute her plan smoothly. And off she went to the party, with a mind full of plots and plans.

Pam introduced friends to friends, like a networking party. Candice stays poised, making sure that there’s still a subtle lusty eye contact with each brother from afar. There was Wilson, the materialistic one, who will go through all means to acquire more cash and power. And there’s Jordon, the spoilt and lazy one, who does nothing but wait to be spoon-fed all the time while he goes fooling around like a Casanova. Lastly, Brandon, the stable, charismatic and down to earth one, the toughest target but Candice was sure she would get there. As Pam got a little tipsy, she did not hold back her actions and just dragged Candice to the three brothers and made them exchange contact and get to know each other.

The plan took Candice months, she knew she had to gain trust and be a real friend before any major plan hits. So they hung out, talked to each other regularly and developed a friendship. And then Candice knew, it was time.

She lured Wilson into money embezzlement; saying how good it will be without Brandon always making more money and getting more attention. Candice started her hypnosis on Wilson and pointed out that the company will belong to the 3 brothers one day, taking a sum right now wouldn’t hurt. He is just using his future assets; and he agreed readily. He proceeded with wiring and transactions the next day, and with a few days passed, Wilson was still safe. Since there was no news of crime, he decided to transfer more funds to himself to satisfy his greedy nature. Candice pretended to stop him, she snapped him out of the hypnosis, but in any ways, Wilson would not listen, thus making it seem like Candice had no evil intentions. She then reported to the police anonymously, causing Wilson to be nabbed and imprisoned for his wrongdoings. On the surface, Candice looked ever innocent, but is she?

Days after days, Candice started feeling a little guilt in her as her heart grew heavier. She called Pam and confided in her, ”Pam, I’m not sure if I can go on with my plan like this.”

“You have already eliminated one out, just two more to go, I don’t think it’s too tough for you. Since you have already begun, complete it, imagine life without worries of money and spending, go on.”

She then went on to meet Jordan, aware that Brandon is also at home. Plan 2 begins. She acted like she was so vulnerable and upset about Wilson’s situation. Knowing that Jordon is a Casanova, she started giving him that sultry look, seducing him on bed. She started hypnotizing him, making him uncontrollable. While they were getting all intimate, Candice suddenly screams for help, creating a raping scene. Brandon rushed into Jordon’s room and tugged him away. They started fighting while Candice continues to cry for help. Brandon then grabbed the phone and called the police. In the midst of that, Candice snapped him out of the hypnosis. Feeling confused, Jordon refused to admit that he did anything wrong and he tried to escape.

Brandon grabs him, “Jordon, I cannot stand you anymore. Your sloppy attitude towards life irks me so bad, and now you have to rape Candice, you have to?!”

“NO BRANDON, I DID NOT. And I can’t believe you called the police. Why?” The police then took Jordon away; Candice is now left with one more to go, the toughest one, to go.

As Brandon was afraid that the whole matter would traumatize Candice, he decided to stay by her side and take care of her. This was the best opportunity for her – Candice got a will ready for Brandon to sign. With Pam as witness, the hypnotized Brandon signed the will, agreeing to transfer all shares and funds to Candice upon death. Last step to go, Candice will have to make Brandon die of an accident, but how?

In the midst of execution throughout the months, she realizes that she fell in love with him and decided to stop all the maligning and devious plans. However, as she was consulting Pam over the phone, Brandon stood outside of her room and overheard the whole entire conversation – revealing that she was the mastermind of the family’s plight; first was landing Wilson in jail for money embezzlement, then was Jordon “raping” her, and now, acquiring all of The Gem Empire assets from Brandon. He could not believe it. He dashed into the room and exposed her evil identity while her phone with Pam was still on. She tried to explain but there was nothing she could say to salvage the ugly truth. He could not forgive her, but she was genuinely upset because she was already in love.

Candice could not stop crying. She did not understand why did she did all that she had done. Life will be meaningless with Brandon hating on her. She knew Brandon would go to the police and turn her in. She knew there was no turning back, and the only way to end everything is to end her life. As she walked aimlessly out of her house, she reaches the rooftop, holding a gun, ready to attempt suicide.

“Brandon I’m sorry, I didn’t know what’s gotten into me. I will end this…now. But trust me, I’ve truly loved you.” Candice left a voice message for Brandon.

Upon hearing it, he followed the location of her phone and reaches her, seeing her on the edge, holding a gun.


Her eyes widened. She turned around. Brandon knelt down and collapsed. Revealing the real mastermind, Pam, pointing a gun towards Brandon behind him.

Candice was startled. She wanted to escape, but Pam was too fast. She grabbed her and told her that it has always been part of her plan, introducing the brothers to Candice, advising her, and making use of her to execute her plan as a scapegoat. She now threatens her to sign on her will so that all assets will be transferred to Pam instead. They fought hard but Candice just wasn’t strong enough; she reluctantly laid down her ink on the paper.

“BANG!” and the screen turns to black.




To search for a myth or folklore was already challenging for me. I did not want to do some thing that I am not confident with (i.e. comedy or romance) but most myths and folklore are revolving around that. I tried to brainstorm on myths like “The Cowherd and the Weaver girl” deciding that the cowherd is a countryside farmer while the weaver girl is a top high fashion designer, and their backgrounds hindered their love. But then again, I could not expand much on this. And then I figured that I could use Three Little Pigs, keeping their characteristics while twisting the plot in a way that the wolf was scheming enough to dupe the pigs and march into victory. I then decided to add a little romance into the story to create the tension. I made use of the 3 Act Structure as a guideline when I was confirming my plot.

Act One: Candice heard, searched and got to know the bachelors from her friend Pam.
Plot point 1: She gained trust from the bachelors and knew she was ready for action.
Act Two: A series of entrapment, sending the brothers to prison.
Plot point2: Candice realises that she fell in love with Brandon and decided to stop.
Act Three (Climax): Brandon found out that Candice was the mastermind whom landed his family in that plight.
Act Three (Falling Action): Candice attempted suicide to end all sufferings, but as Brandon tried to save her, he got shot by the real mastermind, Pam.

Open-ended finale: I like to make audience participate in my creation. To “fill up the blanks” with their imagination and discuss what actually happened.

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  1. I loved how Candice wasn’t the actual wolf, and how the real wolf was only revealed later on. I also like the fact that the story ended with some sort of ambiguity about the character’s fate!

  2. It’s interesting how Candice is technically the wolf of the remake, yet the wolf turns out not to be the actual mastermind but a new character? I just thought there could be more coherence/explanation in the fact that Candice was compelled enough to cheat the brothers yet still feeling guilty about it, or her motive to do so in general. I guess that there is room for development in terms of character, even though it is apparent that your story is more plot-driven. There seems to be a running theme of distrust among people, yet there is still a hint on the possibility of finding true connection in this world of distrust. Overall, a good attempt in reinterpreting the myth to render it a strong contemporary flavour. 🙂

  3. Your pitching was one of the few that I listened to with full attention X) like your story, very well-thought and I definitely will watch this movie if it really is a movie!!

    I think I can only critique about the poster. I think the font does not go well :/ the title font i mean.

  4. As the others mentioned, I really like the plot twist! It adds a punch to a tale we are all so familiar with – it’s like I could almost predict what was going to happen next, except that I am surprised! At the same time, it was clear how the story parallels with the three little pigs. There was just one part that puzzled me a little, and that would be how Candice fell in love with Brandon if she was so bent on acquiring all of their assets. Perhaps there can be further explanation on how Pam instigated this plan or if Candice showed some signs of hesitation when it comes to dealing with Brandon. Apart from this, the story was clear and an interesting read!

  5. Hello!
    I can picture the movie as scenes of real chaos. I feel that the movie begins right away at the first instance. I like that as I can see the story being unfold in a flashback-parallel editing! I love the plot twist! Awesome job!

  6. I was really engaged in your synopsis while reading it! I think that it’s an excellent spin on the tale of 3 Little Pigs. The ending really caught me by surprise and I could feel for your characters. Your story seems to have an underlying tone of cynicism and how not to trust anyone, not even your best friend!
    I feel that the relationship between Candice and Pam could be further emphasised. Maybe you could show how ‘close’ they are as best friends prior to the twist, and further assure the audience of Pam’s loyalty. This will elevate the tension and drama when the twist happens!

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