2D Project 2 // FINAL


I wasn’t very confident of illustrating graphic art, but decided to try it anyway, because I really liked the idea of photography combining with illustrations! Overall, I really had fun exploring and trying out various ways of directing a shoot and drawing digitally, and below are some of the process work for my final artwork! 

  1. Water from the point of view of a flame is death.
I first shot an empty bottle with the motion of pouring water to an lighted candle.
I then illustrated water flowing out of the bottle towards the candle. However, my friends from group consultation suggested that the idea of a dying flame was still not as strong.. Thus, I’ve made the flame extinguish and water overflowing everywhere for my final piece


2. Water from the point of view of feng shui is flow of money.

suntec fountain 2
I took a picture of the fountain of wealth at Suntec. Concept being, wealth=money, water=flowing, which already depicts my line! In addition, fountain of wealth is also known as the world’s largest fountain in 1998! It also is the representation of fengshui, thus my selection on this!


3. Water from the point of view of a Thai citizen is Songkran Festival.

I directed the scene of Songkran with the help of my friends
Then i started editing the water illustrations in
A tourist spray a boy with his water gun during the Songkran festival at Khao San road, a popular tourist area in Bangkok. Songkran is the traditional Thai New Year festival. The most obvious celebration of Songkran is the throwing of water.
Tried to have a Thailand city Songkran background but it looks a little messy?
A tourist spray a boy with his water gun during the Songkran festival at Khao San road, a popular tourist area in Bangkok. Songkran is the traditional Thai New Year festival. The most obvious celebration of Songkran is the throwing of water.
Tried removing the background but I felt that it seems a little fake and flat
A tourist spray a boy with his water gun during the Songkran festival at Khao San road, a popular tourist area in Bangkok. Songkran is the traditional Thai New Year festival. The most obvious celebration of Songkran is the throwing of water.
Thus, I kept the background but muted the colours a little, and also illustrated the existing water on the stock image to blend both the stock image and my photography together!

4. Water from the point of view of Singapore is contract.

We all know NEWater bottle is iconic, and its existence is also significant to Singapore’s water and its contractual terms with organization or regional countries. Thus, I decided to incorporate this element into this line.
had to use this toilet bowl because I wanted to illustrate and portray the idea of what people perceives – toilet water = NEWater








I illustrated the water and incorporated NEWater’s logo into it too!

5. Water from the point of view of instant noodles is completion.

I tried out with this image but I did not quite like the composition and the background was too messy…
So I tried to remove the background but it still doesn’t seem to portray the look that I want…Thus, I changed to cup noodles instead!


6. Water from the point of view of Science is ph7.

pH7 chart
I can’t find the correct tools and apparatus for this science experiment, thus, I used a stock image for this. As we know litmus paper test can determine the pH value of a substance, thus I used this visual to portray my idea!


All in all, I really had fun exploring and learning while on this project. Can’t wait for the next project already! 🙂

P.S. thanks for all the post-it notes guys! 🙂

Alter Egos


Five Fictional Characters

  1. Gabriella Montez (Vanessa Hudgens in High School Musical)
    gabriella-montez-profileIn the movie, Gabriella is a person who loves to perform singing and dancing in her college days, and she is also madly in love. I felt really relatable when I watch her because I really enjoy singing and dancing and I am heavily involved in these activities in school, just like Gabriella.
  2. Remy (Rat in Ratatouille)
    Ratatouille-remy-spoon1Remy is an idealistic and ambitious rat in the show, feeling inspired, he wanted to become a chef so bad that he hid in the protagonist’s hat to cook. Just like me, whenever I feel inspired or have the determination to do some thing, I would give my all and become quite stubborn in a positive way!
  3. Shen Jia Yi (Michelle Chen in You are the Apple of my Eye)
    shen jia yiA couple’s romance – they liked each other but they didn’t confess…… ^.^”
  4. Robin Scherbatsky (Cobie Smulders in How I Met Your Mother)
    "Benefits" -- Robin (Cobie Smulders) and Ted navigate being exes who are now roommates and discover they get along better when theyÕre sleeping together on HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, Monday, January 12 (8:30-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Ron P. Jaffe/FOX ©2008 Fox Television. All Rights Reserved.Outgoing, slightly indecisive, jump ship (career) very often
  5. Cheon Song-Yi (Jun Ji-Hyun in You Who Came from the Stars)
    cheon song yiShe thinks that she is actually very fabulous and glam (some times she really is, because she is a celebrity), but she’s actually quite candid and spastic

Five Public Figures

  1. Beyoncé
    beyonceEveryone knows that Beyoncé is a really independent woman, and she is a feminist. The main quality that I found between the both of us is not feminism, but performing. She always characterizes herself on stage in such a way that she is as queen or a diva, which happens to me a lot on stage too!
  2. Sylvia (NightOwl Cinematics)
    sylviaSylvia is the owner of Night Owl Cinematics (Local YouTube Channel) and the reason why I find us relatable is that I came across her vimeo doing corporate videos or wedding videos. Thus, she does film for a living and that is what I am considering. Also, she often self-direct and act at the same time, which is also what I aim to do. Thus, I really find a strange connection between the both of us.
  3. ChaeLin (CL)
    She used to be in a performing group, but now she’s exploring much more on her solo career. She is very daring at trying new styles and things and not afraid of people judging her.
  4. Parris Goebel
    parris-goebelVery successful dancer, tour around and danced for many international artistes. Recently directed a movie, and also assisted Justin Bieber in his new album.
  5. Tyra BanksTyra-Banks-Photography
    Professional model and she used to have her own talk show. Now, she is just focusing on America’s Next Top Model, nurturing new talents and creating opportunities!

Five people I know/have known

  1. Uli Chan (Fashion blogger+model)
    ulimaliUli is my secondary school friend and she has since gained a lot of knowledge and skills from her past experiences. From her own hobby of collecting magazine cut-outs of fashion column, she started blogging about herself and her fashion and is now a pretty famous fashionista. She was featured in many magazines like Nylon, NuYou and I feel a connection with her because I love to do video-blogs!
  2. Gavin (Mediacorp Artiste)
    gavinGavin is my polytechnic friend, and through the Mediacorp Hey Gorgeous scouting, he managed to earn himself a contract and is now in the local showbiz industry! He also does a lot of music covers and that is also why I feel relatable to him.
  3. Xavier (Dancer)
    Instructor in Singapore, but travelled around and got scouted – he ended up touring with a USA instructor over in Europe, Japan, and back in Singapore too. Recently participated in Mediacorp Channel 5’s The Dance Floor and got 1st Runner Up.
  4. Carmen (Dancer-student)
    My best friend! Cliques really well and we have many things in common! Most importantly, we dance and participate in competitions together. 🙂
  5. Aprilia (Dancer-student)
    Dance mates since 2010, and we only recently realized how much things in common we actually have – life goals. And we would always get performance opportunity together, which allows us to grow together as well 🙂


Whenever I have a performance regardless whether it is singing or dancing, I’ll usually remind myself that I am not Ziyu for that hour, I am Beyoncé, or Zeyoncé; so that I can get into the mood and character and portray my alter ego instead of this usual Ziyu you see everyday. Many people think I am just a girl next door, but has anyone encountered the other side of me off-stage?

[1-min VIDEO]

Password: QUEENZ

2D // EGO

In this assignment, I explored different styles in the 4 different equation, still keeping the colour harmonies and art directions similar in each equation.

Series A: Dance + Freedom = Me
Series B: Commitments + Workload = A Better Me
Series C: More Time x More Rest = An Ideal Me
Series D: Traveller + Money = Me in 5 Years
Series A: Digital paint + Silhouettes
Series B: Vector art + Body parts
Series C: Digital paint + Vector art
Series D: Superimpose + Photomontage

Series A is inspired by John Miers; known for his silhouette portraits, I adopted the idea of having silhouettes portraying a person, especially for my artwork which has to show energy and movement about my dance, freedom of an eagle soaring, and the relaxed seeds of dandelions floating.
220px-GoetheVorEinemGrabmalMitWeiblicherBuesteS92 11833-large edouart_litho

Pinterest: I searched on “Photography illustration” and I am highly inspired by how the blend the 2 (real + animated art) together so well. Therefore, I attempted to try out my visuals using this method of execution.

4d4b8bc15f2f5e90a15ecb9d126f2258 687fd62ea2b80883c899277faa6e7a71 e8a49ee962f8a5eb357384fdfbaee4f4

Below are some of my sketches before actually executing digitally:




12 boards


1 copy 2 copy