Acting for Film // Character Development II

In a post two weeks ago (click here), I mentioned about my character’s profile, personality, and conflict with her partner. With those information, the scene would be some thing like what Jaze (profile) and myself performed in class – the wheelchair scene.

– Laraine entering with mother care brochures, maternity magazines and pamphlets from a baby fair
– Her husband sits on his wheelchair doing nothing
– She tries to strike a conversation with him
– He rejects and was all gloomy
– She approaches him and he spots the brochures before she manage to say anything, and he got angry

– He insists on his point of not wanting a child
– She tries to be patient and explains a plan she has in mind
– He didn’t let her finish her lines and cuts in hopes of her dropping the idea

– She also got very unhappy
– ends of with a “FINE!” and storms off, leaving her husband alone and upset in the scene

For Laraine’s character arc, she’d start off with being slightly lethargic (end work), and then it shows her being patient to her husband, and still smiling a little. Her mood starts to turn more and more unhappy and disappointed at her husbands attitude, and she finally got angry at him and flares up.

  • sighing
  • smiling
  • pursed lips
  • frown
  • rage mode on

working adult

  • Wheelchair
  • pamphlets and brochures
  • working bagI am still trying to work on the script of the above scene and to see if there are any enhancements to be made. I’ll also be discussing further with Jaze on how to develop our scenes to make both of our moments or acting be of equal or similar performance duration/showcase value so that we don’t overpower each other in anyway. TQ for reading 🙂