4D II // Artist Statement_Ziyu

SHENG.SI consists of three screens designed with visuals portraying new birth, adolescence, and the chaotic life of young adults chronologically and on each screen respectively. The projection on screen will be injected with different coloured inks dropping into water, implying the emotions of the individual visuals. At the end, all inks will turn black, representing life progressively turning chaotic and tainted. The water level will then go down, symbolizing the motion of “draining out”, which relates to humans getting so tired and drained out. With references to a South Korean event, “Mock Funeral”, they aim to lower the increasing rate of suicidal case. The event allowed participants experience death, or being alive at their own wake, and reflect on life in a coffin. Similarly, SHENG.SI aims to let viewers reflect on their life and themselves with their take on an abstract portrayal, and then an experiential theatre. SHENG.SI aims to let viewers think about how much they have done in life and if they have lived life to the fullest.

Produced by: Alfred, Darren, Gladys, Jo Inng, Valerie, Ziyu