Art History // How I learn best?

Well, I wouldn’t say how do I learn best, but rather, how to keep myself focus, or how to absorb information!

I am usually really busy with commitments apart from school, and thus, my working hours on assignments are usually past midnight (like now). And I would think that it is really productive because no one will disturb or distract me, and late at night, the only thing left for me to do would be my assignment! I can’t go out and eat, I can’t chat with my friends because they will mostly be asleep, and most importantly, I’d have a sense of urgency to complete my work so that I can finally go to bed!

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 4.11.49 pm

I recently took a Character Strength test and it’s quite¬†accurate! I can apply point 2 for my top 3 traits to studies; as I am always curious, I’d seek solutions to my own queries and make sure I understand before moving on.

Therefore, Curiosity in me is the main catalyst as to how I learn most, and the best learning conditions would be for me to find out about things, and work on it in the wee hours!

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