Art History // Final words


I am so happy that whatever we visualised have all came into place!

We managed to set-up a picnic setting, and let our classmates participate in the presentation as well!

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I am really grateful to have project mates that think alike and work on the same pace!

5 6Thanks Andrew, Chen Yue and Fern!!! ^^

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Art History // Buddhism in Japan

Create an imaginary interview of the three Buddhist Japanese royal patrons: Shotuku, Shomu, and Fujiwara no Yoromichi

When we first saw the topic, Iskandar and I immediately said “Let’s do a talk show together!” and the rest were quick to agree as well! I was so glad that the decision was so unanimous. We then went back to research on the three patrons and inserted into a shared document on Google Docs.

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 4.28.27 pm Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 4.28.37 pm

After which, We transferred the words to a shared Google Powerpoint and started editing and adding visuals into it.

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 4.30.50 pm

After that, we did a script that can aid us in the flow of presentation.

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 4.34.16 pm

Now that all contents were in, we have to be in character to make sure that this talk show is convincing!


I managed to dig deep enough in my closet for 3 japanese-looking kimono for the team to wear! (it is supposedly 3 pajamas!). And Iskandar has his own Japanese looking outfits, so there we go!


At the initial stage of this module, we already received the timeline of what we will learn, and also, the topic for our presentation. We were not very sure of what to do because we saw other groups visiting museum, and the fact that our team is doing a topic on Japan, we were left confused…not knowing if we were supposed to visit a Japan related museum here in Singapore or not (is there one?) Later, we managed to find out that we are only required to do research and  a mock interview or a role play. So as I’ve mentioned above, our group was really cooperative and this project is really a smooth sailing one!

Through this project, I really found out a lot more about Japan. I have always thought that Buddhism was from China, and Japan solely has got Shintoism as a religion and the other minorities are just small influences. I am awed and can’t wait to visit Japan one day to see those sculptures and temples in real!