Acting for Film // Character Development III

There has been a tweak in the storyline now because Jerry will be joining Jaze and my scene! 🙂

Brief profiles

Ziyu as Laraine
Pleasant personality
Driven in career, and does not mind taking care of the household as well
She loves children and can’t wait to have a family

Jaze as John
Handicapped due to an accident
Cares for his wife but doesn’t show much due to his disability (inferior)
He loves children but is afraid of raising his kids as a handicapped father

Jerry as Mr Lim
Loves to help people around him
Neighbour of the couple
A young policeman who just started his career
Enjoys being the middleman/peacemaker

The storyline is pretty much the same as the previous post (click here), except that Laraine don’t walk off at the end, but instead, we have Mr Lim entering the scene halfway and try to mediate the couple.

– Laraine entering with mother care brochures, maternity magazines and pamphlets from a baby fair
– Her husband sits on his wheelchair doing nothing
– She tries to strike a conversation with him mentioning about her colleague’s children
– He knows her purpose of the conversation and was unhappy

– He insists on his point of not wanting a child
– She tries to be patient and explains a plan she has in mind
– He didn’t let her finish her lines and cuts in hopes of her dropping the idea
– Mr Lim enters the scene and tries to mediate the couple

– The couple realizes that they care for each other too much which led them disagreeing with each other

We are still working on cutting down lines, but here is our draft!

Click here – screenplay draft

Or see the screenshots below!