Journey-initial idea 2



  When I looked out of my window, I was so amazed by the orange light and reflection on the window frame. When the focus was on the frame, the light turned blur and the drain ditch somehow reminded me of a train track. So I took my camera and walked outside to explore. The lights turn out to be fascinating when they were out of focus. With contrast of the darkness, the orange color seemed more warm and cozy. I also loved the light in between the tree leaves.

Capture2 Capture3

  Besides taking photos, I did some Photoshop editing to explore on colors and contrast as well. Different exposures bring certain different emotions toward the image. When it was desaturated, we tend to pay more attention on the contrast of the brightness than the colors of the objects themselves.


Another idea of taking photos/videos of an small object/figure in the nature as it is taking an adventure also hit me the other day. I kind of like the idea but didn’t think of an ideal thing to represent the hero.

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4 thoughts on “Journey-initial idea 2”

  1. I was thinking for your idea, perhaps you do not have to insert a small figure as your character. You could instead use the light as your character? Since you seem really interested in the light, maybe you could play with the presence of the light. Like in some of your photos the light stands out a lot and in some its barely there. You could give personality to your light? Idk hahaha just a sudden idea that came into my mind

  2. Chenyue you always have such beautiful shots of lighting! Even in your previous post with the cats- the lighting is so good!)

    Maybe you could use this as the backing for your idea with the hero! Like a small hero’s journey through light and shadow to reach a particular place;) I think it would work very well for this- and you could use darkness to create spaces of danger and fear and light as a beacon of salvation and hope? You can play with using a small figurine against all the nice spots of light and shadow:)

  3. hello! unfocused shots always have a certain mystery to them that i love, so good job in capturing them! maybe you could explore more of the unfocused shots? like take intentional blurry images.

    cause a photo might be blur or out of focused, but the message it conveys might just be crystal clear.. maybe you could work on that!

  4. Hey there! Maybe it’s just a personal preference but I like these shots with their nightly yellows and oranges haha. It just brings out the beauty of the night lights in so much more a powerful way than black and whites. Not to say they’re devoid of any value. They give a completely different feel, is all.
    The shots through the windows were very cool too! Perhaps though this needed a stronger feel of a journey? That still feels ambiguous? But otherwise, if you ever plan on continuing this project idea, please take more pretty photos at night. I really love your shots.

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