Art History Final Presentation Reflection

Group members: Andrew, Chen Yue, Fern, Ziyu

After discussion, our group decided on doing a visual respond to a Chinese ceramic plate and we were very much inspired by paper plate arts as well as some artwork with combination of both antique design and modern context. Eventually, we each did two paper plates with existing antique pattern to demonstrate the following statement:

The function of Chinese ceramic plates has changed from decorative items to common utilitarian wares over the years.

Two of the plates by me were:


This plate was one of two Chinese export eggshell porcelain ruby back saucer plates decorated in Famille Rose palette enamels with three cockerels and flowers, c. 1730, Yongzheng reign, Qing dynasty.


This one was the saucer from the set of Chinese export porcelain coffee can and saucer with applied decoration of branches and leaves, decorated in Famille Rosa palette enamels with flowers, c. 1735, Yongzheng/early Qianlong reigns, Qing dynasty.

These patterns were quite intricate and not easy to paint. Though the making process I understood and can image how difficult it would be to create such patterns on ceramics and what efforts were put into them, thus adding values to the plates. However, with mass production technology nowadays, plates with nicely designed are hardly appreciated.


And here was our final set-up of a picnic scene with our painted paper plates. This was a very fun project for me. We learnt something in a more initiative way, planed and set up the display.


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