Project 2 Singapore Diary-The Book of Red Dot

Project Title: The Book of Red Dot

The pictures were hand drawn with reference to photographs. This media was chosen for it appeared more personal and almost like a story book instead of a way too serious publication. It contains both historical facts about the place as well as my personal view on it.

“Red Dot” can mean Singapore and also at the same time implying the red dot museum. The reason for choosing the Red Dot Museum was that it was a great example of a well preserved building highly associated with design. Also, there was an interesting twist of how the former traffic head quarter, a place with regulation, is now a contemporary design museum, where rules are constantly challenged and broken.

The concept for this project is conservation, specifically how a colonial-era building was occupied by different organization, well preserved and converted into a contemporary design museum nowadays.

As suggested by Mr. Tan, the place was not revealed at first but rather the introduction of it being the former traffic headquarter, which created a surprise element till the reader found out that the place was in fact the Red Dot Museum. A “Do You Know?” sort of arrangement of the content…

Below are the images:


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