Chen Yue & Matthew – Week 5

Based on the concept of Nantah spirit of team work and feedback from last week’s presentation, we went on to explore more about the space, especially focusing on the essential element, the Nanyang Lake.

The photo below provides a clearer view of the lake and surroundings:

The narrow pathway embracing the lake, and the benches are all exposed to the scorching sunlight during the day. At night time the place is dark and quite. Despite the peaceful and nice natural environment, people seldom visit the place.

Our concepts will incorporate the element of play and team spirit to create an installation that is site-specific and provide an attraction for people.

Inspiration – Water Game

There are various types of water games where people cooperate and play. Most of these installations are made of inflatable materials and require high level of sport involvement. Among all these, the concept of a water roller and pedal boats seems pretty interesting.

Inspiration – Bridge

Bridges would also fit nicely as suggested in last week’s class. There are many fascinating bridge designs that inspire our design as well.

This is a bridge with two halves that rotate to join or separate. The design allows canal navigability. Below it’s a kinetic bridge with the similar purpose. The design is iconic and dramatic.

Unlike many bridges that broke into two, this bridge is unique in the way that it closed itself up into one piece.


Concept 1

The design is a shelter with seats and pedals of two directions installed.With the fixed track in the water, the shelter allows people to sit under it and step on the pedals/ cycle. The whole shelter will then move towards the direction. More people stepping, it will move faster.  They can use it like a bridge to cross the lake, or just seat and relax in the middle.

At night, the shelter will be lit up using power generated from the solar panel installed on top of it, providing a nice reflection on the water.


Concept 2

This concept is just slightly different from the previous one. Instead of moving in a straight manner, there are two shelters attached at two ends of the installation. The shelters will then rotate around the centre and transporting people to cross the lake.




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