Journey-initial idea 1

The initial idea of taking photos of the cats came from a question of where did the cats go and what did they do at nights. As a volunteer cat feeder, I had the chance of getting close to the cats. Even though the cats stay in a certain area as their territory, there are actually many interaction among them, which often surprises us.

However, it was not easy to know when and where exactly the cats were going on ‘adventure’. Even if I saw something interesting and unusual going on, I failed to capture the moments as they really ran very fast…… More often I got the photos of their cozy life downstairs campus halls.

All these cats are so different, as I approach them and get to know them more. This turned out to be more like a journey of me getting closer to these cats instead of the journey of the cats themselves.


This is Milky. She loves to lie around on the ground or beneath the cars. She gets distracted so easy when we are feeding her and we always end up ‘begging’ her to eat. Otherwise, she will look at you with her innocent eyes, asking for more food when you just distribute all the cans.

DSC07342 DSC07343




This is Charlie. She has FLV and sadly no teeth to chew the food. Only smashed can food can be given to her and she always runs towards us when we call her. She is just like a little kid when she kneads on my legs as I sit down near her.DSC07344DSC07345 DSC07346 DSC07347



Meet Zero the younger black cat! He loves to rub his head against our legs and when we feed him. In this photo, I found it quite funny that he put his tail in the cracks on the ground.



This is Youth. He is picky about his can food. As we were told, he doesn’t like Satin, but sometimes he seems like he enjoys it. And he eats really a lot! He always appear in dark places and we only see him at night so it was actually not easy to take photo of him.DSC07363


This is another black cat called Champion. She was in a fight or incident once and therefore there were wounds on her ears. She is always very alerted and stops eating and even runs away when she hears sounds of cars or big group of people. I also discovered that she moves around in a bigger area than others. One time I saw her chasing after Youth and I took this photo before she ran fast.DSC07365

 The End