Journey Video(draft & thoughts)

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This is my final idea.

Sometimes I just feel depressed and it gets worse if I continue to stay indoor especially when no one else is around to talk to.

Feeling tired from stuffs in life, I would tend to stare at random things and it is kind of blank in my brain. Those sounds from all ordinary objects suddenly seem clearer and louder, yet repeated in a rather dull way. Everything seems so quiet, but my emotion could be changing rapidly and sometimes I become emotional on small unimportant things.

This is when I know that I need to talk a walk and relax, preferably somewhere different. A change of place, change of mood, I suppose. Therefore, this is a journey of escape from depression. Is it a dramatic one or a peaceful one? Will find out more in the final video.


About the video

Media: I chose to use still images instead of videos for several reasons. But mostly because I feel more comfortable with arranging images than videos. Videos seem more dynamic and vivid but I also love the pause of moment created by the still images. It leaves more for the viewers’ imagination.

Progress: So far I manage to arrange the images in the order I prefer and scale them into the appropriate sizes. Also I add some sounds into the beginning of the video as well as trying out some simple effects. Still, there are adjustment of the images, more sounds and probably  captions(or voice-over?) to be added.


Thank you for watching! And I would appreciate it if you leave you comments!

e.g. Is it moving at too slow or too past pace?


The End!