Chen Yue & Matthew – Week 6

Continuing from previous posts and feedback from the class, we decided to further develop the concept of a pedal boat, which incorporates the idea of team cooperation and provides a shelter for people to sit and enjoy the view of the lake.

Some concerns about this concept were:

1. What if some one pushes the boat away from the platform

2. The circumference of the ride would take up too much area of the lake

3. The connection below water might disrupt the natural environment

Therefore, we came up with the idea of implementing a pulley system into the concept.

Two boats would be tied with ropes that suspend above the water to avoid disturbance of the environment. Besides, the boats can only be moved when people sit on it and pedal. There are platforms installed at both sides of the lake to provider easy access. Similarly there are solar panels installed on top of the boat to provide light at night. Besides, two fixed pulley component in the lake also have solar panel and lights on the top surface.

Below it’s a video showing how the installation works:

The boat can be constructed using existing pedalo and we modify it by add more comfortable back support as well as a nicer and durable shelter. In terms of the rope, we are considering buying steel cable with Teflon coating as it is durable, waterproof and sufficient to withstand the force needed.

In addition we also looked at some different projects that aimed at revitalization of a location that was forgotten over time.

1. Swing Time

Bridget Hunter-Jones (top) and Anna Kaertner (above) check out “Swing Time” adjacent to the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.

It’s a very simple yet interesting concept of a ring shape swing that emits light and changes color when people sit and use it.

2. Pop Rock

3. ParKIT

All the projects above are different approaches artists take to bring attention to a mundane or ‘boring’ places. There are all site-specific as they are not too obtrusive and out of the place, yet they create a comfortable environment  with some surprising elements for people. Thus, people will go and  spend time in the places.


Other references 

Interesting  water bike!

We will then focus on developing the form of the pedalo to make sure it fits in nicely with the surrounding and provide a comfortable ride experience for the people.