“My Line is Emo” Final Outcome

2D Project 1, “My Line is Emo”, is complete!

My layout style was four A3s pieces of black Canford paper, with five emotions on two of the A3s and four emotions on the other two.

On each piece of Canford paper, the emotion is arranged such that the most positive emotion is placed on the top and the worst emotion is placed on the bottom.

Here are the final pieces, mounted:

2016-09-09 17.49.38

Emotions (Top to Bottom): Excited, Compassion, Disappointed, Irritated, Depressed

2016-09-09 17.49.44

Emotions (Top to Bottom): Delighted, Numb, Tempted, Melancholic, Angry

2016-09-09 17.49.50

Emotions (Top to Bottom): Contented, Overwhelmed, Confused, Disgusted

2016-09-09 17.49.59

Emotions (Top to Bottom): Peaceful, Astonished, Stressed, Anxious

2016-09-09 17.49.31


After the processes and presentation, I realized that I was very emotionally invested in this project. I describe myself as a very “zen” person — I do not express my turbulent emotions as much as others do; thus I found it difficult to even put my feelings into my work. Moreover, I am more of an illustrator than an abstract artist, so this project was quite the challenge… and I digged my emotions and personality as much as I could to produce it physically. Nevertheless, I had a lot of fun!

“My Line is Emo” Process II

I continued to work on more prints for the assignment while I was away from school. I also continued to work on it the previous 2D class.

TOOLS USED: Ice cream spoon, toilet roll, tissues, Lino, straw, black ink, rubber paint roller, spoon, battery, mini binder clip, Daler Rowney Aquafine Watercolour (Payne’s Grey), Daler Rowney Graduate Acrylic (Indigo and White)


I already had some ideas for the mark making patterns, so I went ahead with the ideas and carried them out!


2016-08-31 17.53.18

For this piece, I dropped acrylic ink straight from the tube and onto the paper. I then proceeded to swirl the two ink colours together (like making a marble cheese cake) to mix them.

2016-08-31 17.54.17

I felt that the ink did not mix enough together, so I pressed baking parchment paper onto the paper in order to further mix the colours together.

2016-08-31 17.54.35

First happy print is done. I really like this effect, but it had an element of turbulence in it (the swirl effects), so I tried going with a different technique.

2016-08-31 17.57.32

I cleaned up my plastic plate which I used to put my paint. I took a picture of it because I thought it looked pretty nice, and that I might use it for another emotion later on.

2016-08-31 18.01.35

This time, I lightly smeared thick lines of white acrylic across the paper,

2016-08-31 18.03.52

then proceeded to place the indigo lines in a random fashion.

2016-08-31 18.05.47

After which I pressed parchment paper over it to mix the colours again, like what I did for the previous piece.

2016-08-31 18.06.28

I like this print a lot! I feel that my happiness is associated with nature a lot, and this print has some blobs of ink that look like flower petals; When I take walks surrounded by nature, I feel very happy.


2016-08-31 17.39.28

2016-08-31 17.40.40

2016-08-31 17.40.52

I smeared ink in two different directions using an ice cream spoon on the paper. The curves represent what my feeling of “melancholy” is like — a swirling surge inside of me.

2016-08-31 17.42.14

2016-08-31 17.43.33

I then proceeded to press on parchment paper on it to achieve an even surface (which I immediately regretted, because the emotive quality and texture of the piece was lost.. I felt that the texture brought out the turbulence more.)

2016-08-31 17.44.21

First melancholy print is done.

2016-08-31 18.11.00

This print was a mess. I smeared too much ink around here and there, and it became like this.

2016-08-31 18.11.40

For the next one, I dropped ink directly from the tube,

2016-08-31 18.13.25

then smeared across the paper lengthwise using the ice cream spoon. I then pressed parchment paper on it, because I wanted to know what kind of print would turn out on the parchment paper.

2016-08-31 18.13.56


2016-08-31 18.19.36

Cleaned up my plastic plate and saw something interesting once again.


2016-09-01 21.39.44

I attempted to recreate the print of a test print I did for the first process, but with watercolours. I preferred the original one, which was done with black lino ink and the rubber paint roller.


2016-09-01 21.42.22

2016-09-01 21.45.02

This was done when I was actually feeling irritated. I let my hands do the work subconciously, and I found myself knocking out ink splatters from the watercolour round brush, using the back of my hand.


2016-09-01 22.08.57

This print was discovered when I was colouring the strips of paper black for another print. I pressed down hard on the flat brush to lay out an uneven surface across the paper. This feels very angry to me; it looks like someone is tearing away at the paper with their fingers.

2016-09-01 21.39.57

Since the watercolour paper has such a rough texture, I tried creating another angry print with the use of a round brush and less water, more ink.


2016-09-01 22.20.27

I wanted to achieve a “blurred” out effect for numbness, because to me, it is an emotion which is almost “unfeeling”. I tried using watercolours to achieve this effect; for this strip, I wet the paper entirely, then dropped ink onto it.

2016-09-01 22.20.38

2016-09-01 22.24.25

I tilted the paper around in order to spread the ink around.

2016-09-01 22.24.43

2016-09-01 22.24.46

I liked the blurred effect, so I tried to achieve another pattern using the same technique.

2016-09-01 22.26.51

For this strip, I dropped ink in blobs and in straight lines, then left the paper flat on the table. I felt that this pattern represented the emotion of “numb” perfectly– unfeeling to the continuous stimulus in the surrounding environment.


2016-09-01 22.31.49

A follow-up of the memory drawing we did during the previous class; we had to remember a time in which we were sad. My doodles came out in small circles, so I thought I’d try using the toilet paper roll to achieve the shape. The roll is cut on one side as I used it for some other purpose a few months ago, but the cut in the circle represents detachment– the feeling of separation from the current situation.

2016-09-01 21.39.53

I first coloured the paper blackish grey.

2016-09-01 22.32.00

Then went on to make imprints on the paper with white acrylic when it dried.

2016-09-01 22.35.55

I did it in a regular motion, constantly rotating the toilet roll. This represents turbulence of negativity swelling in me when I am depressed.


2016-09-01 22.37.13

Anxiety is a horrible feeling. I normally get anxious when something bad has happened to someone close to me. I perceive anxiety to be very “rough”, so I went for watercolour paper (which had a rough texture) and made used of the side of the toilet roll to create the effect.

2016-09-01 22.37.38


2016-09-01 23.26.05

For the emotion of overwhelmed, I wanted to use excessive amounts of acrylic ink because feeling overwhelmed is like a whole pile of stresses placed on myself. I went physical with this emotion, and used my right index and middle fingers to apply the ink. I call this “fingerpasto”.

2016-09-01 23.28.04

2016-09-01 23.29.40

2016-09-01 23.30.44

2016-09-01 23.34.00

2016-09-01 23.37.33

2016-09-01 23.40.17

I was inspired by the music video of the japanese pop song, “White Light” by Superfly, whereby the video depicts a person painting with his hands, using intense colours. For this strip, I flooded the whole paper with ink until no spots of paper base could be seen.

2016-09-01 23.40.23


2016-09-01 22.07.36

I associate peacefulness with nature as when I was a child, I was often brought outside to parks and reservoirs to appreciate nature. It was the most peaceful moments of my life, and even now, I feel at peace whenever I take a walk surrounded by nature on my own.

I dropped blobs of watercolour onto the paper and used a straw to blow at the ink in order to form imprints that look like tree branches.

2016-09-02 11.00.55

2016-09-02 11.01.11

I tried experimenting in different directions, but still liked the original most.


2016-09-02 11.03.33

Following the motif I did in the previous class, where we had to recall a time we were sad. I cut out the motif with the lino mat and made prints over the black paper with white acrylic.

2016-09-02 11.04.14

2016-09-02 11.05.03

2016-09-02 11.08.39


2016-08-31 18.20.47

The prints I did in hall — I only had indigo and white acrylic with me at that time.


2016-09-01 23.45.55

Some prints I did on a late sentimental friday night.

2016-09-02 17.02.41

And these were done in class, one week before submission!

Character Design

We had to design characters for the 4D assignment using the techniques of add, subtract, substitution and superimposition that we learned the other lesson.

PROCESS: I drew my images then superimposed textures to the garb of my characters.

TOOLS USED: Paint Tool SAI, Photoshop CS6, textures








In a world where magic and dragons exist lies a flourishing kingdom of three nations that have been united a century ago by the Hero King. The Hero King possessed the great power of control over time, and this power was passed down to the following generations of kings. As time passed, the power weakened and in this present day, the king can only predict the future of a person with the touch of their hand. The king of the present time called forth the next generation of representatives to validate their candidacy and bestow upon them the blessing of the Hero King. However, on that fated day, the flames of darkness engulfed the palace, killing the king. With his final breath, he commanded the three young rulers to find the person whom he had passed on his power to, and ultimately, confront the enemy of the kingdom.


amr 01


Next Great Knight-in-Command of the land of mercenaries, the Clockwork City. Her father, Arthur, is the current Great Knight-in-Command. At 18 years old, she is the first upcoming female Great Knight Commander to be appointed. She wields two swords, and is famous for her Defensive Sword Arts. Nicknamed as the “Unbreakable Shield”.

[Extra: When she was 13 years old, Amr adopted an orphaned baby phoenix sparrow when she was out training in the outskirts of town at dawn. She named it Aurora.]

campana 01


At 10 years old, she is the youngest witch to be appointed as the next Head Magus of the land of the Magi, the Great Tree. A complete genius — high affinity with all elements of magic, excellent in her theory, but still has much more to learn.

taiyo 01


Next clan head of the Blue Kitsune which is the current leading clan of the land of the Ninja, the Bamboo Grove. The Blue Kitsune are known for their humorous but perceptive nature. 21 year-old Taiyo is no exception, and he is famous for his peerless stealth and handling of the Fukiya and Fukibari.