4D Project Proposal — The Library

Group members: Calista, Lydia


  1. Interactive game 
    Focus: Peculiar looking books found in the ADM library

    Idea: To draw people to not only the appearance of the interesting looking books of the ADM library but also the content of what is within these books, this interactive game will constitute the content of the various books to form a riddle, which will be the basis of the game.

    The game will be centered around a murder mystery, tasking the audience with the roles of detectives. The black, empty space sandwiched in between the printing area and the study area will be the starting point of the game. (Where the victim’s body is found). There will be clues left behind, guiding the audience through a linear story. Bright colored ribbons will help to bookmark the pages of the peculiar books, and notes will be placed inside these books (hints) to guide the audience to the next book.

    The interactive installation will come to a close when all the hints have been collected, and when the audience has solved the riddle/mystery.

  2. Filtering light
    Focus: What makes the beanbag area such a cosy place to sleep in?

    Idea: After interviewing a few friends regarding the library, we found out that the beanbag area is a nice place to take a nap, mainly because of the dim lighting of the area and not to mention, the comfortable beanbags. This idea will serve to make the beanbag area even more inviting by pasting colored translucent plastics on the windows to have it filter light. The light that is filtered through will then form a shadow on the floor, like light filtering through the canopy of trees.

  3. Optical Illusion
    Focus: The black, empty space between the printing area and the study area

    Idea: The empty space goes unnoticed because of how the walls and the carpeting is black. To draw people into the area and discover the fact that the area is in fact isolated, we will place an optical illusion installation in the space to draw people into the area.


Artist Inspirations:

  1. Teresita Fernandez, Fata Morgana

    “In nature, a Fata Morgana is a horizontal mirage that forms across the horizon line. Alluding to this phenomenon, Fernández’s project introduces a shimmering horizontal element to the Park that will engage visitors in a dynamic experience. The installation is a mirror-polished, golden metal sculpture that will hover above the Park’s winding walkways to define a luminous experiential passage for Park visitors. The metal forms, perforated with intricate patterns reminiscent of foliage, will create abstract flickering effects as sunlight filters through the canopy, casting a golden glow across the expanse of the work, paths, and passersby.  The project is Mad. Sq. Art’s first to fully utilize the upper register of a visitor’s space.”

    link: https://www.madisonsquarepark.org/view-do/calendar/mad-sq-art-teresita-fernandez

  2. Damien Gilley, Fortress

    “Portland-based multi-disciplinary artist Damien Gilley creates immense depth on flat surfaces and walls using only colored strips of tape and contact paper. His designs are meticulously measured and calculated considering the unique proportions and dimensions of each space where he constructs his art. The geometry of his work makes flat surfaces appear to have immense depth and space.

    link: http://www.damiengilley.com/Fortress

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