BLK 30 Kelantan Road + Project 01

Day trip to Kelantan Road! I caught a 800CP Golduck and 700+CP Electabuzz there but more importantly, I got some good stuff from the Thieves’ Market and the provision shop.


I got some springs, screws and a bunch of random stuff from the provision shop.

2016-08-18 14.48.49

2016-08-18 14.48.41



Here, I got some more stuff.

2016-08-18 14.42.30

I bought those blue and pink wire stuff in the cardboard box. They’re supposed to be those miniature light bulbs that’s used to decorated pasar malams, but here I got them with the metal piece without the light bulbs.

2016-08-18 14.42.44



My original intention was to make two bull figures fight each other on a platform (thus the green box), but the finished product turned out rather differently…

TOOLS USED: hot glue gun, and the items below.

2016-08-25 13.45.12-min

After creating the body of the bull, I realized that it was very difficult to attach the head piece to the body. So I dismantled it after this picture.

2016-08-25 15.03.56

Afterwhich I combined the rest of the metal pieces (from the miniature lightbulb wires) to form a more compact body. I didn’t know what do to at this point, but simply put the metal rings to other pieces and eventually formed a mouse-like head piece. Then, I attached it to the body and produced a mouse! The coiled tail piece were the blue and pink wires which I removed from the miniature light bulbs.


2016-08-25 16.39.25

2016-08-25 17.11.00

2016-08-25 17.11.42

There are springs with wire through them to form a backbone, and also to give the mouse a curved back for realism. I used two thicker springs (compacted together) for each hind leg and 3 thinner springs (also compacted together) to form each rear leg.

2016-08-25 17.11.10

Rather unexpected finished product but I’m very happy with it!

2016-08-25 17.13.25

Afterwards, the professor told us to make a simpler sculpture with our leftover pieces. I used the white tape that I dismantled from the original bull body piece to form tentacles of a jellyfish! Used a expanded metal coil to form the top curved part of a jellyfish.

2016-08-25 17.10.06 2016-08-25 17.09.54


This was a really fun project! I enjoyed making that trip to Kelantan Road to scavenge for the sculpture’s pieces and executing the project was exciting. Even though my original idea did not work out, I do like the unexpected finished product.

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