“My Line is Emo” Final Outcome

2D Project 1, “My Line is Emo”, is complete!

My layout style was four A3s pieces of black Canford paper, with five emotions on two of the A3s and four emotions on the other two.

On each piece of Canford paper, the emotion is arranged such that the most positive emotion is placed on the top and the worst emotion is placed on the bottom.

Here are the final pieces, mounted:

2016-09-09 17.49.38

Emotions (Top to Bottom): Excited, Compassion, Disappointed, Irritated, Depressed

2016-09-09 17.49.44

Emotions (Top to Bottom): Delighted, Numb, Tempted, Melancholic, Angry

2016-09-09 17.49.50

Emotions (Top to Bottom): Contented, Overwhelmed, Confused, Disgusted

2016-09-09 17.49.59

Emotions (Top to Bottom): Peaceful, Astonished, Stressed, Anxious

2016-09-09 17.49.31


After the processes and presentation, I realized that I was very emotionally invested in this project. I describe myself as a very “zen” person — I do not express my turbulent emotions as much as others do; thus I found it difficult to even put my feelings into my work. Moreover, I am more of an illustrator than an abstract artist, so this project was quite the challenge… and I digged my emotions and personality as much as I could to produce it physically. Nevertheless, I had a lot of fun!