One thought on “DA9011- Kinetic Anatomy: Final Assignment”

  1. Hi Lydia, good work overall on this final, and for the semester as well. You seem to really have a deep interest in figure drawing and seem focused and serious about the study of it. looking through your semester’s work, i see that you have a good grasp of anatomy and proportion. However, your figures look a bit stiff both when drawn from life, or from mastercopies or photos. looking at your final, i can see some of the shapes and forms you are drawing are super simplified – meaning you are sticking to simple rectangular, or cylindrical shapes, and not adding the necissary biasses to them to make them feel alive, dynamic, real. to progress, really focus in on your ability to see, and then draw more complicated shapes rather than relying on outlines. if you have a cylinder, can you strech it and distort it and connect it to a rectinilear shape? do that at will, and you can do most of figure drawing easily.

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