Project 03 – Ego


At the start of this project, I wrote down on how I should go about with my thought processes as shown below:


…Something like that.

Well then, let’s get started.

Personality Traits

I took the 16 Personalities Test (also known as the Myer-Briggs’ Test) and thought about my personality for quite a while.

I am an INFJ-Advocate:


Some key personality traits (that I’m very conscious of):

  • Reserved
  • Emotionally stable
  • Detached
  • Daydreamer/ head in the clouds
  • Nature-lover
  • Goes with the flow

I like happy things, and I enjoy being happy!

Personal Symbolism and Image References

Nature-lover + Surrounded by Nature = Zen

Wisteria – A Calming Sight

  • One of my favorite flowers is the wisteria; From the many pictures I’ve seen on the net, I’ve always imagined myself in the picture itself, surrounded by the wisteria.
  • Just imagining it gives me peace. I love nature very dearly.


Reserved + Uncomfortable Social Situations = Suffocation

The Great Egret – Observation and Judgement

  • I often alight at Marymount station and walk along the canal to get home. I see an egret (sometimes a small gray one) from time to time, perched on the opposite of the canal (where no humans can get to them). They’ll look at me as I walk past, and I’ll stare back at them (because I find them pretty and interesting). If I stare for too long, they’d feel threatened and fly away into the trees.
  • Funny enough, I feel the same way during social events – reserved.
  • Observing people before I act. Making the correct judgement in forging new relationships. I don’t “hate” anyone, but if I get a feeling that someone doesn’t seem to like me, I’ll stay away from them.


Goldfish – A symbol of death.

  • When I was young, I used to keep fishes as pets together with my father. We would take care of them splendidly well — providing the correct minerals and pH levels in the tank, cleaning the tank regularly, properly introducing the new fishes by adjusting the water temperature…
  • But the only fish that we could not keep alive for long was always the goldfish. It’s eerie, but I’ve always associated goldfishes as pets that would not live for a long time.


Go with the Flow + Disruption = Anxiety

Water – Flow

Skeletons and Ribcages – Death

  • Skeletons remind me of death. It is a very common symbolism among many.


Head in the Clouds + Fantasy Fiction = Triumph

Video Games – An interactive storybook

  • The video games I play are usually under the genre of RPG (role-playing games), and it’s something I grew with. I enjoyed the video games that I played very much as they had stories to tell; characters to relate to, environments that helped establish the story.
  • I feel that video games are what gave me most of my imagination as a person; I would say that without growing up with video games, I probably wouldn’t be in art school at this point of my life.

Color Analysis

I first picked color schemes that I liked via ; This is a website that I use when I want to play around with colors.

Here is my chart of color schemes:



I didn’t go with mood boards because it’s rather distressing; I’d come up with too many color schemes. Listing the colors I found appealing would be better in terms of organization.

I grouped the numerous color schemes according to their similarity and got 4 distinct groups of colors. [C – complementary, M – monochrome, A – analogous]

Afterwards, I added a few more color schemes in order to balance my colors (after the lineart)


The Color Decision

Analogous Colors – Personality Trait (First Row)

I personally feel that my character traits are strong and weak at different times – I react differently in different settings. Analogous colors hence represent this fact; my personality is not toned in one color, but similar colors/colors side by side.


Monochrome Colors – Setting (Second Row)


An environment or situation, to me, is dyed in one color, but of different tones.


Complementary Colors – Outcome of Me (Third Row)

Settings influence my behavior, and how I react to people’s actions and the stimuli around me; that’s why I see it as not just one color, but different colors.


After pinning down the settings, symbolism and colors, I put them together:

  • Head in the Clouds + Fantasy Fiction = Triumph




  • Reserved + Uncomfortable Social Events = Suffocation




  • Go with the Flow + Disruption = Anxiety




  • Nature-lover + Nature = Zen





Final Outcome

Head in the Clouds + Fantasy Fiction = Triumph

Head in the Clouds


Fantasy Fiction





I’m always told by people that I’m “in my own world” and things like that; and I agree wholeheartedly. If you catch me staring into space, I’m probably thinking about fantasy fiction and very often, video games.

Triumph is a depiction of what I feel after I play a video game/read a book — I feel that I’ve won and conquered; I have control over the character in video game, and when I win a battle, it of course feels triumphant.

With regards to colors…

I chose the pastel pink color scheme group for this equation as it best represents fantasy to me; it brings out a very pixie feel to it.

Go with the Flow + Disruption = Anxiety

Go with the Flow







I am a person who is very easy-going, and people do say that I’m accepting and very open to other’s opinions. But when others come into conflict with my moral values/ actions, I tend to get very perturbed and then, anxious. (I have no idea why, it maybe the consequences of being an INFJ-A).

With regards to colors…

I chose the deep blue and red color scheme group for the equation. Red and blue are my favorite colors, and the dark tones of the blue and red really bring out the melancholy of the “Outcome” panel. Deep red is the color of blood, and the analogous blue-green colors have this calming feeling to it.

Nature-lover + Surrounded by Nature = Zen



Surrounded by Nature





As a christian, I really appreciate the people around me, and especially nature. I love flowers, trees, and animals! I feel a huge sense of peace within when I’m surrounded by nature.

With regards to colors…

This time round, I went with realism over the choice of colors – green and blue for leaves and flower colors respectively and the color of purple for the wisteria flowers.

Reserved + Uncomfortable Social Situations = Suffocation



Uncomfortable Social Situations





As an introvert, I dislike being in uncomfortable situations. I’d feel very suffocated if I was forced to speak to a crowd that I’m not familiar with.

With regards to colors…

I wanted to bring out the white colors of the great egret, so I selected a color scheme group that would allow for the whiteness of the egret’s feathers. One of the color white’s symbols is safety, which also brings out the idea of being “reserved”; being careful and cautious.

Final Presentation and Mounting



This project was… even more tiring than the last. I had fun exploring color schemes, but it was tough trying to analyse myself and thinking about life. I did have fun doing something that I was familiar with; to be honest, it takes a lot of courage to print out my own digital art and even present it to the whole class. I’m glad that this project gave me the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and show what I love to do to the class.

Artist Inspirations 


Toi8’s a Japanese artist which I’ve been inspired by for a very long time. He mainly does art for games, manga and animation. I love the colors he uses for his compositions, and I especially love his lineart.





Loika’s natural compositions are beautiful, and the colors Loika chooses are very natural; which I enjoy very much!




Amei Zhao


Amei’s series of original art, The Nameless and the Scientist, is a favorite of mine. Amei does many beautiful concept and environmental art.





3D Final Project

I worked with Audrelia on the final 3D project of this semester!

For a recap, here’s a look at my modular construction:



TOOLS USED: Tracing paper, Daiso silver and gold party metal wrapper fasteners, nice looking paper from POPULAR

We wanted the sculptures to emit a warm glow and something that you would place in your bedroom. So, we used tracing paper for the base of our sculpture as tracing paper is a translucent material (and it would cover up some of the light such that it would not be too hard on the eyes).

We made each individual piece to have an oculus, so that there will be light emitting from the top. People will then be able to see and read in their bedrooms.


First, we blew up balloons and did paper mache using tracing paper. Afterwards, we popped the balloons and got some very nice material that emitted a nice glow with the lights we wanted to use.


Afterwards, we rolled the wrapper fasteners into cones using the sharp tip of a pencil. I glued them to two of the tracing paper moulds using hot glue guns.


Audrelia crunched up the nice paper and pasted it to the other two moulds using hot glue guns as well.


We took the spiky unit from my modular construction, and took the wavy unit from Audrelia’s modular construction.


The finished piece!



2016-11-19-17-29-44 2016-11-19-17-29-48

2016-11-19-17-29-51  2016-11-14-11-25-47     2016-11-14-12-34-06




Amended Design and Process Pictures

Final Amended Design:

The Lion King 

“Oh yes, the past can hurt. But from the way I see it, you can either run from it, or… learn from it.” —Rafiki



The clock represents Simba’s past, and the blood dripping from it represents the fact that the past can hurt. The Lion, representing Simbaemerges from the clock, showing that Simba has faced his own past and is moving forward (Simba is running).


Last Friday’s process pictures. We worked on our tote bags and had fun with the silkscreen inking!


I first tested out printing my design on an old cotton shirt.


I added too much ink, but the design turned out great and minimalist, just like I wanted it to be.


Doing the real thing on the real tote bag!


Jess helped me with holding my screen down, while Zerline helped me to take lots of process pictures.






I’m very satisfied with how my design turned out!

Edited, Improved Designs

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

“It does not do to dwell on dreams, Harry, and forget to live.” —Dumbledore



The hand represents Harry, and there is a ribbon tied to his finger. The ribbon tied to his finger symbolizes the idea of “never forget“. The ribbon surrounds the idea of an utopia, in which Harry yearns for (to be with his parents). The two birds flying in the sky represents Harry’s parents. The clouds represent the state of a dream.

Kiki’s Delivery Service

All you can do when it gets like that is struggle. Draw and draw again. —Ursula


This time, I edited the birds such that they are in separate layers, and managed to manipulate them to make the whole piece more unified.


The Lion King

“Oh yes, the past can hurt. But from the way I see it, you can either run from it, or… learn from it.” —Rafiki

Design 1:



The whole design is inspired by a coat-of-arms. A coat-of-arms is the distinctive heraldic bearings or shield of a person, family, corporation, or country, which represents Simba’s status as the true overseer of the Circle of Life, thus the lion head. It also represents dignity and thus Simba’s choice of facing his past. The clock symbolizes Simba’s past, and the blood dripping from it shows that the past can hurt. 

Design 2:



The lion head represents Simba, and the courageous look of the lion symbolizes Simba’s ability to face his past (where he believes that it is his fault for his father’s death). The clock symbolizes Simba’s past, and the blood dripping from it shows that the past can hurt.