4D Assignment 1

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Part 1: Me

I like visual arts especially moving images. The best activity to represent me is my love for watching movies. Watching movies is how I spend quality time with my dad as well, therefore it doesn’t matter how long it is, as long as it’s good, enjoyable, memorable, I will watch it, regardless the media I used. (Yup, so is downloaded files, which is quite a conflict to my future desired career.)

Speaking of career, I’ve always let myself run wild imagining stories. I determine myself to make a living out of my own creativity. Easier said than done, I am still working on writing my own style of creations.

Back in my high school years, I was always recognized as the cameraman. I’ll be glad to help anything that relies on camera and my passion for it is what brought me here to ADM. I like to stand behind the lens, documenting every moment for my families, friends, and myself. Sometimes, it even teaches me to cherish the moments with my senses, avoid missing any moments just because I need to set my camera.

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Part 2: My object

I chose my video mic by RODE as it’s one of the tools that get me where I am. I am able to expand my portfolio thanks to it providing my work quality sounds. It also enables me to gain trust and work opportunity from the people I’ve worked with by giving them the professional impression and professional outcome as well.  But fundamentally it’s a symbol of my starting point pursuing my dream career. It’s the proof of my dad approval for me to do what I love.



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Part 3: My world

When I was in my previous college, I worked for a research center as a repayment for my scholarship. That research center turns out to be a historical center for Nanyang University(NU), the predecessor of NTU. What was left by NU are the buildings and monuments shown in the photos. The Chinese Heritage Center is in fact the administrative center then while the tablet of NU is a replica of the real deal back in the days. I have working through all the historical photos back in college and now being able to see the real deal is quite an amazing experience. As for the last photo, I frame the representative building of both universities together to show how time can change anything, that’s how history works.


  1. Hey Junyuan,

    How’s student life in Singapore so far? Hope its great (:

    ‘An item’
    I like how your pictures shows the amount of ‘love’ you have for your RODE video mic.
    It’s interesting how technology can capture time and sound.
    It’s like traveling through time.
    In addition, the facial expression plays a part in the capturing process too right?
    In your pictures, it clearly demonstrate the ‘Loving’ and ‘Caring’ emotions you have for your RODE video mic.

    All the best for your dream career!
    Looking forward to your project 2!


  2. Hi Jun Yuan! I can really see your passion for film and photography from your works!
    It’s so amusing how you’re fine with downloaded videos even if it conflicts with your future career~

    I was wondering if there was a way to make the microphone stand out more in Task 2, it’s not really that distinct from the camera, and on the first glance, one might think you were talking about the camera instead of the microphone.
    Perhaps a more intimate pose with the microphone? (hugging, kissing it, these are just suggestions)

  3. Hi Jun Yuan,
    It’s cool that you’re so passionate about film! Looking forward to seeing your future works.
    For both Task 1 and 2, I think that they are quite repetitive in terms of the content and location. Since you enjoy capturing moments around you, perhaps you could show yourself out and about snapping pictures of your friends/places/everyday occurrences. For Task 2, maybe you could use semiotics to show the professionalism that the video mic gives you. For e.g. don a suit or some smart attire and edit your shots to look really polished. Maciam sports car commercial.

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