A Toxic Relationship

For the final assignment, I plan to collaborate with Claire to perform a scene between two characters who are in a toxic relationship:

Some basic character details:
1. Violet  (played by Claire) – INFP personality
She’s a problem solver and planner. Violet is a pacifist: Due to her family background, she hates starting fights or causing scenes and is usually the one doing the placating whenever the other party is upset. She’s been in a relationship with Serene for 2 years, but still doesn’t know if she’s happy or not (it swings back and forth between the two).

2. Serene (played by Lauren) – ENTJ personality
Serene has narcissistic tendencies cultivated from an extremely spoiled upbringing. She often manipulates and gaslights when she starts arguments with Violet, usually turning issues around so Violet sees that she’s in the wrong and apologises. On her bad days, she is impulsive and moody. Her good days show her charismatic, loving and witty side.

The scenario: After months of stagnancy in the relationship, Violet plans a date at a park to reignite the romance. Things reach a boiling point when Serene’s dark mood rears its head again.

Rough script: Domestic Violet_Acting

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