Documentary: Farmers in the Concrete Jungle

My team and I were very interested in Singapore’s farming culture — all we knew of it as millennials was that the ones in Singapore had a kind of tourism vibe to it. We initially considered if it was just unconventional farms that made us think of Agritourism – such as the crocodile and frog farms here – but upon further research, we found that Agritourism is actually a shared concept for almost all the farms in Singapore which have been relocated to one area due to land constraints.

This was how we landed on our documentary angle, on how farms in Singapore adjust to rising urbanization and demand for land, which results in them capitalizing on “Agritainment” to help with the high land costs. We will also explore the importance of and need for self-sufficiency in resource-lacking Singapore, which imports 90% of its produce overseas.

We have since visited 2 farms so far: The Jurong Frog Farm, and Bollywood Veggies, a vibrant jack-of-all-trades kind of farm.

Additional comments/reflection:

Team members: Alex, Clarinda, Lauren, Matthew

Our roles are pretty flexible throughout the whole process;  I am currently the main editor and will be writing the script/interview questions for the docu.

The is the test edit I did for our recent research visit to JFF: link.

You can also find our PPT slide with our initial ideas and brainstorming here: pdf link

We plan to visit again to shoot more cutaways and get a detailed tour of the farming process. Next on our list of farms to interview… in Malaysia!

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