Mother: New Story Updates (Script, Character Bio, Scene Analysis for Class)

Scratched the VR idea — This is draft two of Mother (new idea).

Script: Mother (妈的) Draft 2

Short synopsis:

Widowed Margaret loves her son to the point of spoiling him. With no husband and a fear of dying alone, she obsesses over prospective grandchildren. After walking in on her son and his male friend in a misleading situation, she sets her mind to secretly turn him to the straight path using dubious methods.

Character Bio:

Margaret Lai, late 40s – 50s

Serious, naive and slightly neurotic — a typical Singaporean auntie with kiasuism attached. She’s smothered her son all her life but does so more now that she is widowed. Her dream is to be able to see her grandchildren (via Raymond) and live out her last days being cared for like how she has always done so for Raymond.

Raymond Lai, late 20s

Raymond’s too used to being spoiled that he doesn’t know hard work. He spends his time locked in his room surfing the web and playing games. A socially awkward shut-in who prefers life in 2d over real people. Because of his upbringing, he’s lazy and unsociable.


Raymond’s close friend from his teenage years. They never really matured much. Usually, he goes over to Raymond’s to play games and hang out.

Prostitute, 20s-30s

Pastor Richard, 50s

Scene Analysis for Thursday’s class (22/09): 

In this scene, Raymond has suffered the brunt of his mother’s strange antics. He’s paranoid and wary of her, so when she enters the room, his full defenses are up because he doesn’t trust her anymore.

Margaret’s goal in this scene is get Raymond to understand her and try to calm him down from the previous events. The whole heart-to-heart talk on the bed is her goal to present her views on grandchildren and her love of her son to Raymond. And to justify the next big event… the prostitute’s entrance.

When the prostitute arrives, of course the soothed Raymond flares up again at his mother’s shenanigans and just leaves the room and house.


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