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(Journey) Hero

I haven’t come up with a title for this work so far.

This is the animation I made for for my portfolio but I asked Prof Vladimir and he said that I could edit it and make a better one for this project!

Because I want the ending to be a surprise, I’ll upload screenshots of the animation instead. I’m still in the midst of adjusting the timing and adding more scenes to make the story flow better. It was quite confusing originally as I had to keep it within a minute so I cut lots of scenes out and quickened the video. I’m also trying to edit some old scenes so it may not look the same as the images here!

The story is basically about a boy who loves heroes, and has always wanted to go on a journey to become one. He spends all his time collecting hero paraphernalia and playing RPGs. This earns him the scorn of his peers, who bully him relentlessly. However, this all changes one day with the invitation of his reflection- who gives him the opportunity of a lifetime to live out his dream.

You’ll find out the full story soon:D

Adventure 1 Adventure 2 Adventure 3 Adventure 4 Adventure 5 Adventure 6 Adventure 7

(Yup I can’t upload any more than this because the other scenes are in the midst of being edited and I don’t wanna spoil the ending) (I hate spoilers)



  1. YOUR DRAWINGS ARE GORGEOUS!!! Can’t wait to see the actual animation video! sorry I can’t give much comment since I can only see the screenshots:/

  2. Holy shit that’s amazing. That looks like it’s taking a lot of work and time, goodness, thank you for not spoiling, I’d really love to see the end too! Finish quickly hehe xD g’luck!