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(Journey) Quinn’s Divine Comedy

(Please forgive my high and annoying voice that kept going ‘QUINN’ in the video- I was unconsciously using the ‘heehee hello doggie’ voice)

I tried out taking a video of Quinn after the discussion with the class two weeks ago, but it didn’t really work out.

Firstly, he was so uncooperatively cooperative that it was insanely difficult to get him to do the things in the video (which was taken over three days and remixed- which is why you can see some tiny little boo-boos in the video because I didn’t notice it before-hand)

Secondly, it is very difficult to work with a live subject as they are very unpredictable and bullishly uncooperative. Of course, sometimes you do get nice shots and nice bits of footage, but all in all it was more of a journey to hell for me rather than my dog’s.

Thirdly, I realised that it was very difficult for me to film from interesting angles and very difficult to keep the camera straight while following my dog. I tried scooching on the floor, but that just made my gluteus maximus hurt because of the gravel pathway outside my house. The video was also cut weirdly because I had very little useful footage to work with so I had to cut-and-glue parts together which made a very oddly-put together film.

All in all, I decided not to move along with this idea and instead go ahead with an animation about a journey.