in Rhymes (Final)

(Rhymes) Final

These are the final 4 compositions that I decided on. I like these the most as they felt more dynamic and clearer than the rest of the compositions that I came up with.

The idea of this composition was centered around the futility of Mary in trying to get away from the 'lamb'. The compass is there to show that it will always be able to find her, an idea that is further emphasised by the circular nature of the chase as the 'lamb' follows Mary round and round.

I played around even more with the idea of the stalking monster. I placed Mary in a 'dreamscape' of sorts, with compasses hanging from the trees and all pointing towards her. The monster is now a blurry shadow, an idea that I liked as it was a contrast to the sharp definition of the girl and the tree in the foreground and middleground.


However, I felt that the white space of the previous composition was too stark, so I filled up the space with stars (that are actually bits of coral from a botany picture)


Mary Compositions-15a