in Inspirations/Ideas


Here are some of the things that inspire me! They’re not exactly stuff I want (or- unfortunately- have the ability) to do, but I like to look at these to get inspired!

  1. Dr. Langeskov, The Tiger and the Terribly Cursed Emerald

This game (By the makers of The Stanley Parable) is really funny and the dialogue is absolutely on point. I am a huge fan of games that break the fourth wall, and this did it in a funny and very classy way.

It’s 100% free to play so please do give it a go! If you have the time (and 15 shiny dollars), try The Stanley Parable as well!

2. A Futuristic Short Film: Sight Systems

This was shown to me by a friend a while back and it completely blew my mind with the idea portrayed (because I can absolutely imagine this happening in real life). The VFX was amazing as well and made me really interested in learning/trying it out.


3. Dia De Los Muertos

This short animation was very inspirational for me in terms of the storyline and character. I tend to either veer towards very witty, copious amounts of dialogue or absolutely none at all- and this is of the latter. (I teared up at this)

4. Gravity Falls

This is one of my favourite animated series- it’s funny, weird, scary and alot deeper than you think. (If you watch Adventure Time or Steven Universe you have to give this a go)

The balance between humour, scary and serious bits is really really good. Disney Channel hasn’t had this much success with an animated series since Phineas and Ferb and years before that, Kim Possible, Recess and American Dragon Jake Long (Yes, I’m calling Disney out).

Another (shorter) series that is alot like this was:

5. Over the Garden Wall 

This is a mini-series that aired on Cartoon Network- and hilariously cute song aside, this series is actually pretty dark and scary. (I’m also starting to see a trend with the stuff I like)

6. Song of the Sea

The art for this animated film is very beautiful! The storyline was sweet and so was the singing. Grounded in Irish folklore, this film was both inspirational in terms of art and character development. Especially in terms of the older brother and protagonist of the film, whose hatred for his little sister believably developed into concern and care.