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Idea dump for 4D

Ideas that I came up with for this semester’s project:

1) Documentary about pet groomers/pet owners in Singapore

I was thinking that I should focus on film/documentary this semester since I worked a lot on animation and shadow play last year. The idea I came up with was focusing on pets and their owners. It would be interesting to see the relationship between the two and to really explore if dogs/cats take on characteristics of their owners. The second idea that I came up with that is kind of related is documenting the types of hairstyle (furstyle?) that owners choose for their dogs. (I’ve seen some pretty funky stuff)

2) Animation

I’m not too keen on doing an animation this year because it does take a fair bit of time to make. Not to mention it’s quite difficult to come up with a cohesive storyline in about three months.

The animation idea that I was toying with was an extension of a comic that I did for the ADM portfolio. It was about the personifications of an ant and a sugar cube. I have (aptly) titled this ‘Ant and Sugar’. I haven’t settled the details of the storyline yet, but it’ll be centered around the two being teens/superheroes with really troublesome weaknesses (e.g. Ant falls to peer pressure easily/is scared of loud noises and Sugar can’t swim/will melt in water)

The third idea is still in the works cos I’m trying to sort out my thoughts into something more cohesive and understandable.

  1. For the first idea, maybe you could situate yourself in a pet groomer’s shop, and document both the relationship between pet and owner, and the funky hairstyles. And perhaps the hairstyles are expressions of the owners’ personality so you could explore that (related to your idea of owners looking like their pets vice versa). But you would probably need to find some contacts for the groomer’s shop haha.
    I think your second idea is quite cute! You can show them combining forces to overcome obstacles and making up for each other’s weaknesses. Or you could make them enemies at first who eventually have to work together because of their weaknesses.

  2. I can imagine a cute video at the end of it! Would be really nice to capture the relationship between dogs and owner. Probably have to consider the length of the video? Will it be a little short in terms of fresh content? (Like the video introducing something new, since you are covering just different styles of dogs and their owners) It’ll be refreshing to see the dogs playing with their owners! All the best!

  3. I’d really love to see the documentary about pet groomers/owners in singapore! It’d be interesting to capture the moments of how each pet owners interact and spend each day with their pets. And maybe you can combine a little with your second idea and have the owners bring the pets down to the groomers and see how it’s like for the pets when they’re getting groomed! Jiayoujiayou! 🙂

  4. Hey there! We already discussed most of this in person given that we were sitting right next to each other last class haha. Do update us on your progress and I’m glad you’ve chosen to do the documentary! You’re right, we should be exploring something much different from what we’re used to. After all that’s what school is for right? If you need more pet owners I have two friends who own dogs and would be able to ask them to help you!
    I know you’re not doing the animation but you did tell me the story and I thought it was adorable to please do develop that project in your own time in the future!