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4D Narrative Idea- COFFEE

Narrative Idea

Plot: Light-hearted journey of a kid trying to find the best-tasting coffee (to him) in Singapore.

Act 1: Boy tastes coffee at a café that is the most amazing he’s ever had in his whole life. Before he is able to ask the staff what coffee they used to make his drink, his phone goes off. Having to attend to business/has a prior meeting, the boy quickly gulps down his coffee, grabs his stuff and leaves the café. He plans to go back again the next day, but work keeps him busy. When he finally goes back the next week to have it again, the café has closed down due to unforeseen circumstances.

Act 2: Boy first attempts to track down the café online. However, his search on Google was fruitless. Thus, he spent the next few weeks going to different coffee shops across Singapore to find the coffee (or the closest that he can to it). He goes to the most generic coffee shops and even the most obscure cafes on the island. Unfortunately, he comes nowhere near to finding it.

Act 3: Boy gives up and sulks as he reaches home. As he slumps over the table, his sister looks over and sees his pitiful figure. She feels sorry for him and puts a cup of steaming hot coffee in front of him. He looks up blearily and absent-mindedly takes a sip. To his surprise and elation, he finds out that the coffee tastes exactly like the coffee he had at the café. He quickly asks his sister what kind of coffee it is, who simply tilts her head and points at a jar of generic coffee powder. Last shot is of the boy cheerfully sitting in a chair in the garden sipping his coffee.


(After writing this out, I realised that this is essentially product placement)

(Also I may have been drinking coffee milk when I wrote this)