in Analysis

Three Acts- Land and Bread

First Act:

  • We are shown a dog and a little girl who appear to be playing.
  • A woman appears who is cradling her stomach. The little girl runs up to help her, and it is made clear that the woman is pregnant and she is going into labor.
  • The girl and woman enter the house, and the little girl is seen running out. She returns with a man holding what appears to be a medical kit.
  • End of Act 1

Second Act:

  • The man emerges from the hut covered in blood. He gets into the truck and drives off.
  • The dog doesn’t stop barking.
  • Time passes, and a man emerges from the hut. He appears to be agitated and scolding the dog for barking. He lets the dog free.
  • The man returns to the hut. He emerges with a white bundle and a shovel.
  • It is revealed that he is digging a grave.
  • End Act 2.

Third Act:

  • Time passes, and it is evening.
  • The little girl is seen to be kneeling by the grave.
  • The scene fades, and the dog is seen to be sniffing around theĀ area. The sound of flies gets louder, and the film ends with a shot of the dog standing near the grave.
  • End Act 3.