2D Ego: Research on Pop-up

After consulting Mimi on my idea of using a role playing game concept, she told me it was just like a children’s book.

Which I do not deny! Children’s book are so fun to read. I illustrated for one before too.

I told her I wanted to make it more interactive so she suggested me to make use of pull tabs from pop up books to enhance my work.

It made sense since games are supposed to be interactive!

Realising that i did not do enough research, I decided to dive in and find out more.

So i went to the library and went on a pop up book spree. Fendi was around too HAHA.

We had fun looking through all the books.

Here’s some photos:



After that I went to look for online resources:


This is going to be a lot of work but worth it.

I have never done this before but I’m starting to realise the things i have to consider for each frame. The details are in my CPJ. Every small detail as to what moves etc will all be inside. (i hope I dont leave out anything!)

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