2D Forrest Gump: Initiation (Testing)

Forrest Gump Quotes (1st batch trial)

000 Prologue: Selecting Quotes

To be honest I really like quotes and I like to write down quotes into my notebook. However I have never really considered quotes from movies as I am not really a movie person. However I do have a bunch of movies I enjoyed watching.

After careful selection and elimination I decided to use these quotes.

format: quote, pic, relevant things/images, idea, brainstorm


Some people are worth melting for. -Frozen

Keywords: Melting, worth

Related items or image: Ice (ice berg, ice cube), snow, fire, warmth, flames, protecting, shield

This quote moved me. I felt a lump in my throat when Olaf said it. (Olaf is so adorable!!)

It is a quote I could relate to and I really liked it. It’s simple, yet contains the essence to immerse love and care one have for others. I wish to bring out my own desire to protect and help my friends. Indeed I agree that if there is a need I would place others before me.

My Idea now is to have a person trying to protect something or someone (perhaps a candle? like a tiny flame) from the storm or blizzard. Or perhaps a giant who is trying to protect a flame but is melting. This is to highlight the aspect of self sacrifice.

I’m wondering how I can express the idea of “worth”. Perhaps I should not pick at the key words I chose and focus on the big picture. However I would like to capture everything in a single image.

*being ambitious*

I should experiment with composition!!

 It’s all very literal for now

At the moment the candle flames are giving me issues because its really white and it stands out a lot. One of my friends suggested I reference the melting clocks and be more abstract.

New idea:

ice cream melting> rain >plant


I wanted to try out the flower idea I had just because i wanted to experiment.

I went to research on the different means different species of flowers possess.


This is just looks bad HAHA omg what have I done. The melting effect is terrible!!!

I actually used this:

It was NOT a good idea, clearly.

Then was this idea:


I wanted to put three ice cream man and only make one melt but Ms Mimi commented that it was not a good idea so I stopped it. So i didn’t bother doing it becuz i think it’s a bad idea too.

Honestly speaking I don’t even know what I’m doing, I’m just messing around at the moment.

General Comments by Ms Mimi:

“too many elements”

“what is the quote meant for?”

“melting becuz of a romantic interest”

She also suggested the idea of using popsicles instead, since ice cream carries other meanings as well.

I need to reconsider

And I think too much too. I need to know when to stop.


I solemnly swear I am up to no good -Harry Potter

keyword: swear, up to no good

Related items or image: oath, promises, doing something bad, misbehave

This part of the movie made a lasting impression on me and I loved it. I loved how the words on the map disappeared. The entire concept is mesmerizing and amazing. I guess there is this rebellious version of me hidden somewhere. I am kind of drawn to the idea of breaking rules and causing trouble.


I’m thinking of a boy who plans to do something mischevious but hides the “bad stuff” behind his back. Then maybe there is a mirror to reflect the “something” he is holding so the viewer knows that he’s up to no good.

The more i think about it the more confused I get with how i can express the idea out


I can’t carry it for you but I can carry you -The Lord of the Rings

Keywords: carry

Related images or items: Piggyback ride, carrying someone

I liked this quote as it highlights how one can be there for his or her friend. I would also want to do the same thing for my friends. I want to be there for them as well. I hope my emotional connection to this quote can help me develop my concept well.

I imagined a giant who held a smaller human on his or her hands. Perhaps add in trees and moutains to create depth. In addtion trees and mountains are long lasing things and a symbol of toughness to me. Mountains also suggest the idea of eternity. I hope to bring these asepcts out.

Suggestions made by friends:

elevator, crane



Why is a raven like a writing desk? -Alice in Wonderland

Keywords: raven, writing desk

Related images and items: Raven, writing desk, ink, feather ink pen, paper, cursive, letters

This is something that is kind of out of the blue. It is kind of random so there is room for imagination. It is really interestig how they compare a raven to a writing desk.

Friend’s Suggestion

Wacom with wings-running away from feather/pen


When I look at the quotes again, I realised some of them are confusing for me. For the quote from Alice in Wonderland about Raven and writing table was too difficult to understand.

It is abstract but i would like to give it a go. (says me)

Now I regret.

I’m going to change it

I’m going to change the harry potter quote as well. It’s too difficult for me…

In fact after testing things out i might change most of the quotes because I can’t seem to think of anything .

To be very honest I never really considered the quotes and truly understood them.

I should reflect on myself.


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