3D City of Voids: Process, Final, Reflection

City of Voids

Making Group Mood Box:

Here’s some process photos!


Making of Final:

City of Elves HAHA

Making their houses:

These are my group mates!!

Some photos:

We used jelly fish to test out the hologram.

Find out more in our PDF!


Our group’s process is like a roller coaster ride. We came up with various ideas at the beginning, we abandoned ideas, modified and changed them. Working with Xuan wei and Syadza gave me new learning opportunities. I have never worked with them before and I learnt many things. Not just in terms of technical but also coordination and management.

I learned how modular structures can create an amazing over all structure and how composition affects how the city looks like. Previously, I didn’t really like repeated structures or things that repeat. Now I learned to appreciate them.

Anyway, I loved how the final turned out and I’m really glad our ideas worked out. The BGM fits into our theme nicely and managed to portray what we wanted to show. Yay!

Some feedback was about how the highways were not very visible and we should have played with the use of light more. Perhaps even used things like fairy lights or mirrors.

Overall, I am glad things worked out!

During our discussion for the pdf after presentation, a small diamond actually dropped out from no where.

IT MUST BE THE ELVES. Fendi was there as witness!! Serious. LOL.

Lastly, Thank you Syadza and Xuan Wei, my two very talent group mates!!

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