3D Cone Cylinder Sphere


I must say foam is a really useful material when it comes to making sketch models.

I really didn’t expect foam to be so versatile. I was mind blown to find out that I could use foam to make curved objects.

I had fun making the cylinder and cone, but not so fun for the sphere because I had to sand it.

During the process of making it I realised that I could trim the cutting using the wire cutter thingy. It made my life alot easier.

and Thank you, Joel, for helping me!!



The cylinder reminded me of Rome and Greek architecture. Maybe I was subconciously affected by Art History.

Anyway I later realised that i should try titling things more so that it could be more interesting.



Here I tried making the different components more diagonal than the first. I used a flat cylinder just to experiment how different height can affect the outcome.

I realised the importance of keeping track of the radius and considering the radius before making the components.


If I’m not careful with the radius the cone cylinder and sphere might end up all the same again.

After I saw Ying Hui’s model I got a new idea:

I should have tried something like this.

While I was thinking about how to execute it, my teacher then broke the news of Ikebana.

so I didn’t make it.

It was not related to my concept later on so I did not make it.

so sad.


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